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At PwC, our work model includes three ways of working: virtual, in-person, and flex (a hybrid of in-person and virtual). You can live anywhere in the continental US and work for PwC. For professionals who select a virtual role, they'll primarily work virtually, unless they have to be in the office or at a client site for key events. Here, the future of work looks a lot like you.


Individuals with a virtual role will work 0-3 days a month in person, on average.

  • Many of our Business Services and Products & Tech professionals work this way. Also, some of our Trust and Consulting Solutions professionals choose to work in this way to meet their flexibility needs.
  • Individuals in a virtual role will work primarily virtually and come into a PwC office periodically for training, connectivity, team collaboration, and other events.
  • Based on client needs you could be requested to go to a client site, as determined by client needs.


A majority of our professionals select this option. You’ll work both in-person and virtually and will spend 1-3 days per week (on average) at a PwC office or a client site and work virtually the remainder of the time.

  • Flex is how the majority of our Trust and Consulting Solutions professionals choose to work.
  • Flex is encouraged for interns and new associates to take full advantage of the new joiner experience.
  • Some weeks individuals will work entirely from home, while others may be a full week at a client site.
  • Individuals on a flex team will prioritize a portion of their in-person time for collaboration, problem solving, team building, coaching and other work-related events.
  • Some of our professionals, based on role or team, have a location requirement and are likely part of a local team that periodically work together in an assigned office or client site.
  • In-person or virtual client engagements are dependent on client needs.


A small group of our professionals work 4-5 days a week in person, providing needed access onsite technology or provide critical in-person support. These individuals may be able to work remotely periodically, if the role permits.

Our reimagined people experience, made just for you

We’re embarking on a three-year journey to reimagine our PwC people experience. To give you the power to build a personalized career tailor-made to support your development, well-being, sense of purpose and ambitions. We call it My+, a $2.4 billion investment to take bold action and bring our vision to life over the next three years to empower you to reach your full potential, at every stage of your life.

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Introducing My+: PwC's $2.4B investment in our people