Introducing My+, How PwC is Changing The Way We Work

06 May, 2022

Tim Ryan
US Chair and Senior Partner

The past three years have had a dramatic effect on people, and as a result, individuals are now reassessing what they want to do and how they want to work. This fundamental workforce shift extends beyond whether people are physically convening in an office or not. People are seeking opportunities that allow them to live their lives how they want to, including meeting the needs of their families, finding work that aligns with their beliefs and creating an environment in which they are building the skills needed for the future. 

Before the disruption of the pandemic, PwC had already made significant investments in new skills and rethinking how we demonstrate value to our people and clients. Today, the pandemic and resulting workforce transformation has shown us that we need to accelerate our plans and create new opportunities for our people with a first-of-its-kind people strategy.

Changing the Value Proposition for our People 

As our firm has changed with the world around us, we want to confirm our people strategy is also evolving and surpassing the expectations of our people. To set our people up for success, it is important that they are fulfilled, happy, learning and growing with our clients and firm.

To surface what matters most to our people, we embarked upon a listening journey over the course of the last year. In many of our sessions, we heard loud and clear that our people’s needs mirror what organizations are hearing across the world: employees’ expectations and mindsets about where, when and how they work have changed, as have their needs for enhanced benefits and development opportunities. With that in mind, I knew we needed to have the courage to fundamentally rethink our value proposition for our people and not just nibble around the edges.

Forging a New Personalized Career Journey At Scale

As part of PwC’s New Equation strategy, I am proud to announce that we are launching My+ — our biggest and boldest reimagination of our people experience — which will change the way we work, focused on using technology to personalize careers at PwC, all while keeping our clients’ needs at the center. Over the span of three years, we will work toward a future where there is increased emphasis on growth and development, rewards and benefits are customized, well-being is further stitched into our daily experiences, and there is flexibility to support our people as their lives and needs shift over time.

Key elements of My+ include:

  • Elevating leadership and coaching skills. For our people at all levels, we’re providing access to industry leading learning and leadership development programs to help them become stronger and more inclusive leaders. This will enable our people to live our values in their interactions with clients, our communities and one another. 
  • Evolving benefits. We’re continuing to evolve our benefits to meet the needs of our people today and tomorrow. We are helping our people choose more personalized and customiz­ed benefits and rewards that can support them across their physical and mental health, financial, social, spiritual and emotional well-being.
  • Building a future with well-being front and center. As part of our ongoing commitment to flexibility and well-being, we’re giving our people two week-long firmwide shutdowns each year in the US (July and December). We’ve also launched tech-enabled vacation tools to make it easier to plan and take uninterrupted time off, and have doubled down on flexibility to champion a strong, inclusive hybrid work culture.
  • Tech-enabled talent marketplace. Our new, integrated marketplace will connect the needs of our business with our people’s goals, interests and skills. It will guide our people throughout their career by seamlessly integrating how they track their skills development, create personalized learning plans and explore and apply to open opportunities.

Continuing to Invest in our People

Our people are the heartbeat of our firm, and that will never change. Just as we are relentlessly client focused, we will continue to invest in our people. To deliver on our purpose – to build trust in society and solve important problems – we will continue to build trust within our own organization. The most meaningful workplace experiences are those that are created with people’s interest top of mind.  My+ gives our people greater personalization within their career so they can grow and develop, and have access to the experiences and connections they need to maximize their opportunities at PwC. 

Our people strategy will continue to transform how we work over the coming years, and while change of this scale is not always easy, it will help us create a culture that sets us apart from any other firm, helping us to attract and retain the best people in the market. I couldn’t be more proud of our people, and the bold steps we are taking.

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