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How will you position yourself to gain a stronger foothold in an ever-evolving market?

In this new world, the consumer is at the helm-- and success will come to those who go beyond the traditional, one-off interactions of yesterday in favor of a pervasive, on-demand health experience that lives up to their rising expectations.

Medical cost trend: Behind the numbers 2018

The healthcare industry appears to be settling into a “new normal” marked by more moderate fluctuations in a single-digit medical cost trend. PwC’s Health Research Institute (HRI) projects 2018’s medical cost trend to be 6.5%—the first uptick in growth in three years. Within the “new normal,” price continues to be a major driver of healthcare cost. Businesses will have to tackle the price of services as well as the rate of utilization to reduce medical cost trend in the future. Learn more about PwC’s 2018 medical cost trend projection and the forces putting upward and downward pressure on that trend in HRI’s latest edition of Behind the Numbers.

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Consulting Services

We are focused in a range of areas including: strategy, operations, technology, finance, people and change, risk and forensics.

We have a deep industry experience helping address major challenges in R&D, supply chain and, sales and marketing; and work across a range of corporate functions, including regulatory compliance, IT, finance, human resources and business development, strategic transformation, clinical transformation, revenue cycle, operations and M&A strategy.

Assurance Services

We are a market leader in providing accounting and auditing services in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. We work with the some of the largest global organizations in these industries as well as emerging and early stage companies helping them prepare for and meet the requirements involved to accessing the public market as well as obtaining private equity or venture funding. Our aim is to deliver services that support your ability to provide corporate stakeholders with accurate and understandable financial and operational information about your business.

Tax Services

We deliver highly focused, practical tax ideas and solutions. Our tax specialists provide the full spectrum of support from tax structuring and strategy through to compliance services (including co-sourcing and outsourcing).

We understand the industry and how tax concerns impact a wide range of areas such as R&D credits, transfer pricing, intellectual property management, treasury strategies, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, Form 990 reporting, state and local planning and expansion of global programs.

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