PwC and Workday: driving digital transformation in the retail industry

Retail companies caught in a storm of change

Continuing waves of economic, geopolitical and social upheaval have created new challenges for businesses, but few so intensely as the consumer markets. The escalating requirements for workforce management and supply chain optimization bring the situation into sharp focus.

Pressured on many sides, retail organizations are likely facing the realization that their digital infrastructures may not be up to the task; the platforms that felt transformative three or five or ten years ago may not meet the data connectivity, decision-support and time-to-market requirements of today’s environment.

Flexibility is a critical attribute of the Workday architecture implemented by PwC

Beyond enabling retail organizations to centralize HR and finance, our combined offerings can empower them to integrate a range of focused capabilities that help meet an individual organization’s specific needs. We can help you enhance your Workday investment through our model tenant, library of industry blueprints, deep functional knowledge, experience-focused change management and technical acumen.

How PwC can help

HR transformation

PwC can help implement an integrated end-to-end Workday system utilizing leading processes focused on consumer markets, including embedded analytics that help drive agility and responsiveness to future challenges.


Next level HR and finance

PwC can help you amplify your Workday investment by identifying optimization opportunities and helping build a long term roadmap for your Workday solution.

Finance transformation

We don’t just build systems that keep the books. We help your organization tap into valuable operational information and combine it with your financial data to help deliver better business decisions and outcomes.


Application evolution

Transformations aren’t finite projects, they are continuous journeys. Our approach is an integrated design, implement, support, evolve model. PwC can help you adapt to a new operating model and help finance and HR stay aligned with strategic initiatives.

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