Financial Management solution powered by Workday

PwC’s Financial Management solution powered by Workday provides a digital, integrated, and powerful platform to help companies achieve a finance function that does more than just keep the books—it can help reinvent your business.

Too many organizations are still using operating models, technology, and business designs straight out of the 20th century. Companies need a financial management platform that can move as quickly as the business does—one that seamlessly integrates with the other aspects of their business and can deliver visibility and powerful analytics to enable better business decisions and outcomes.

PwC ranks #1 in Voice of the Customer and #2 overall in HFS Top 10 Workday Financial Management (FM) Services 2021

Financial Management solution benefits

PwC’s business-led approach and deep industry experience, powered by Workday’s on-demand, cloud-based financial management platform, provides:

  • A single, foundational data model that’s controlled and accurate
  • Workflow that you can track, manage and control

  • In-memory, real-time processing of data

  • Access to a full range of financial capabilities, relevant analytics, and metrics

  • Simplified and better control over access to data

  • Unified process controls and security to enable regulatory compliance

  • Increased operational visibility, accuracy, and transparency

  • Increased productivity of the finance organization

  • Consistency and accuracy in financial reporting, policies, and procedures

  • Reduced IT footprint

  • Lower technology implementation costs and reduced time to implement

  • Simplified licensing support for technology

  • Increased organizational agility and innovation

How PwC can help

PwC’s business-led approach and deep industry expertise enables us to understand both the fundamental operating context of your business and the dynamics of your industry. We can help provide integrated solutions aligned with your strategic business objectives, while tapping into a broad range of skills across our firm. We can offer:

  • Extensive cross-functional knowledge of organizational requirements
  • Deep technology, security, risk, and compliance knowledge
  • World-class finance, accounting, and tax expertise
  • Experience in using change management to drive adoption and engagement
  • Support through the entire lifecycle of your Workday deployment

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