Marketing insights and measurement with Adobe

Measure what matters to accelerate marketing insights and improve customer journeys.

Accelerate marketing insights

Targeted insights are fuel for performance that enhance marketing and move your organization forward. In the digital era, every point of the customer journey can generate data for potential insights. The challenge is aligning on what matters and creating a model for more effective measurement. We develop measurement plans and platforms that extract value from data, unlocking key insights that turn business goals into better marketing across the journey. With Adobe's AI-Driven Marketing Measurement (AIDMM), we help you optimize performance with ongoing discoveries and continuous improvements that span your digital properties.

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It’s rocket science! An AI approach to planning & measurement

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Drive targeted insights for more effective marketing

Our measurement process supports ongoing discovery and insights with broad internal alignment across marketing, business and IT teams.

Accelerate marketing performance across the journey

Unify teams

Gain a holistic and cross-functional definition of measurement success to improve marketing and develop future business, process and technology roadmaps.

Align processes

Streamline technology stacks, establishing clear lines of ownership and centers of excellence within the organization to accelerate maturity and development within capability areas.

Optimize decisions with Adobe

Utilize Adobe’s Attribution AI and Marketing Mix Modeling solutions to accelerate forecasted and predicted insights for optimized product, sales and marketing decisions.

Brian Morris

Customer Analytics and Marketing Leader, PwC US


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