Senior Administrative Leaders Compensation & Staffing Report (SAL)

The ‘Senior Administrative Leaders Compensation & Staffing’ Report (SAL) provides meaningful information on the base salary and bonus levels for the Senior Administrative Leaders, as well as supervisory positions throughout the entire Firm.

The Report also contains information on the staffing levels across all administrative functions as well as Firmwide administrative benefit information detailing the types of discretionary benefits offered to staff.

Participation materials

For those participants in the Law Firm Statistical Survey (LFSS), the input is included within their LFSS Questionnaire. A SAL Report is included for each comparison group ordered from the LFSS at no additional cost.

For all other participants, please download the SAL Questionnaire and instructions document which include detailed information on the values requested for each form.

A sample SAL Report is available for download.


Submissions for participation in the 2024 SAL are due on May 10, 2024. Results are expected to be distributed in early June 2024.

Comparison groups

We are asking that all participants identify at least one listing of their peers. To assist with this effort, we developed a ‘Peer Firms’ Listing which allows you to select from the 200 law firms that were listed on the most recent American Lawyer publication. Additional space has been provided for your Firm to identify any Peer Firm listed outside of the AmLaw 200.

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