Private company audit services

For when trust matters

Your private company's audit needs and requirements — from approach to stakeholders to ownership structures — are different from those of public entities.

An audit focused on what matters. That’s what drives your private company audit experience with PwC. Our audit framework for private companies is the right blend of technology and people that know your service needs.

  • Streamlined, right-sized, effective and efficient private company audits
  • Diverse teams who have the passion and skills to serve private clients and owners
  • Powerful audit technology that drives quality and efficiency
  • Insights and perspectives that keep you ahead of the curve and help you power your business

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"Every firm can do a boilerplate audit. Every firm has advisory services. Listening to our clients' problems that are unique in the private company space is what really moves us from your service provider to a collaborator and trusted advisor."

Linda Yin, Private Assurance Partner, PwC US

What is the role of a private audit?

A quality external audit is an important aspect of building trust with your stakeholders. It's vital for your auditor to meet quality objectives as you strive for growth and success. In addition, an auditor with a range of capabilities is well positioned to deliver value through insights and perspectives based on an in-depth understanding of your business and the environment in which you operate.

We are excited to share PwC's 2023 Audit Quality Report showcasing our ongoing investments to continually enhance audit quality and transparency for private clients and stakeholders. Trust has never been more important than it is today, and we are dedicated to our role in building and preserving it. 

Explore: 2023 Audit Quality Report

Benefits of a PwC private company audit

A smarter, nimbler private company audit that is responsive to your evolving service needs

The deep experience to know just how your specific stakeholders use financial statements

The right-sized technology platform to streamline, drive efficiency and generate smarter insights and sustained outcomes

A dedicated team of solvers who appreciates your private company’s unique, interrelated challenges and brings relevant perspectives as part of an unparalleled audit experience

Beyond the private company audit report: value-added perspectives

By pulling up an “extra chair” with the right specialist, we deliver enhanced insights into the critical matters and emerging risks affecting the audit and your business. As your risk profile and business change, we’ll keep the seat filled with individuals with the right global, industry, or subject-matter perspectives.

  • New accounting standards, including private company alternatives
  • Finance effectiveness
  • Emerging regulatory issues
  • Growing the business
  • Deals
  • Perspectives on vendor selection
  • Risk assurance
  • Tax reform and business impact
  • Technology and industry trends
  • Operations, e.g. controls

Trusted answers, timely insights

The confidence you’re getting it right

Our Private audit teams are all about transparency, collaboration, and open communication with clients. When complex technical matters arise, our resolution process is distinguished by our National Office working as an extension of our team: bringing technical experience, industry insights, leading perspectives and widespread connections under one, centralized roof. Clarity from us means quality and peace of mind for you.

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Reduce the burden on your team with a simplified, tech-enabled, quality audit.

Audit technology that drives insight

Aura: The engine that powers your audit.

Its power comes to life in the hands of our digitally upskilled and experienced team. Our private company audit focuses on delivering quality through a right-sized, scalable, and customized approach.

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