An audit framework customized for private companies

Build trust with your stakeholders

Your private company's audit needs and requirements—from approach to stakeholders to ownership structures—are different from those of public entities.

It’s crucial you have a deeply experienced community of solvers with an approach that’s built around you and your audit needs. It takes the right people, capabilities and technology innovations, combined with unparalleled sector experience and audit acumen. This is what delivers high-quality work and creates sustained outcomes. This is what keeps you ahead of the curve.

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What this means for private companies

A smarter, nimbler private company audit approach that is responsive to your evolving needs

The deep experience to know just how your specific stakeholders use financial statements

The right-sized technology platform to streamline, drive efficiency and generate smarter insights and sustained outcomes

A dedicated team of solvers trained in private company-specific needs and to spot hidden risks and unique opportunities

Tomorrow's audit, built around your needs today

Quality first, purpose always. That’s what drives us today and it’s how we’re bringing the audit into the future. It’s the perfect blend of technology and people that are experienced in your needs. It’s led by people who have the passion and skills to make a difference, combined with powerful technology for accuracy and efficiency. Discover how we’re reimagining the possible for you, and for companies around the world, every day.

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Deeper insights from data analytics and visualization

Beyond the audit: A collaborative, connected approach for private companies

Bringing together the right mix of people means pulling up an “extra chair” to each engagement. We bring the specialist you need to the table, so you get deep insight into critical matters and emerging risks affecting your audit and your business. Insights that will serve your business strategy beyond the audit. As your risk profile and business changes, we’ll keep the seat filled with the professionals who have the right global, industry and subject-matter perspective

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