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Statistical sampling is a cost effective alternative to a manual review of a large volume of records or activities. Our team uses advanced statistical sampling methodologies to design cost effective samples that provide our clients with credible and dependable results.

We can help you with:

  • Sampling strategy
  • Sample design
  • Estimation based on sample results
  • Evaluation of statistical samples designed by other parties
  • Presentation of results

In addition, we provide supporting documentation for all phases of the sampling and estimation process.

The IRS and state tax authorities frequently use sampling in examinations. We can help you evaluate and negotiate tax auditor sampling plans in ways that may reduce burden or limit scope, while maintaining consistency with statistical principles and audit objectives. We also provide support throughout the exam to help you understand the impact of each sample unit and test the accuracy of the auditor’s results.

Following are examples of the types of projects that frequently benefit from statistical sampling:

  • Tangible regulations analysis
  • Cost segregation/fixed asset studies
  • Meals and entertainment studies
  • Per diem studies
  • Property tax studies

  • Qualified intermediary audits/voluntary compliance audits
  • Research credit studies
  • Section 199 manufacturing deduction
  • State and local taxes

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