Indirect tax

See tax from a new angle

See tax from a new angle

With an unprecedented amount of global indirect tax reform, a broader global tax base, and tax rates increasing worldwide, more US-based global companies are scrutinizing their indirect tax responsibilities – including value added taxes (VAT), sales and use taxes, goods and services taxes (GST), federal excise taxes, telecommunications taxes and other transaction taxes.

We can help you with identifying and exploring indirect tax opportunities and issues as they relate to compliance, assessment and risk management, business expansion, mergers, acquisitions, and reorganizations, excise tax, systems, processes, and controls, refunds and cash flow and policy and design.

The impact of VAT on the supply chain of multinational companies

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Indirect taxes, such as value-added tax, can have a significant impact on cash flow and the overall value of the movement of goods.

metaverse sales and use tax implications

What are the sales and use tax implications of the metaverse?

The metaverse is a source of business opportunities, but it’s evolving quickly. Sales and use taxes in the metaverse are the source of one uncertainty, but you can approach that with an informed framework to address the top sales and use tax questions around metaverse assets and offerings, and by embedding tax early in the development cycle. By staying on top of the rules and demonstrating your commitment to compliance, this forward-looking approach can help drive trust among your customers, regulators and the broader ecosystem.

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What’s your business doing to identify indirect tax exposures and opportunities?

As the average global indirect tax rate approaches 20%, indirect taxes represent a significant amount of working capital for US-based multinational companies. Historically, companies have managed sales and use tax expenditures with accounts payable departments, performing reverse sales and use tax audit procedures manually.

The Indirect Tax Analyzer tool can assist companies in managing sales and use tax expenditures effectively and efficiently, potentially resulting in significant refund opportunities.

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Automate your reverse audits to facilitate managing sales and use tax expenditures


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