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February 11, 2021

More items of interest: The final 163(j) regulations

Doug McHoney (PwC's US International Tax Services (ITS) Leader) and Rebecca Lee (ITS Partner in PwC's Washington National Tax Services office) have much to cover with the recently released final regulations under Section 163(j).  Doug and Rebecca discuss: the background of the interest expense limitation rules under Section 163(j); the content and formulation of the 2018 proposed regulations, 2020 proposed regulations, and 2020 final regulations issued under Section 163(j); the new administration's potential influence on the 2021 final regulations; how the 2021 final regulations amend the definition of 'interest' and the calculation of adjusted taxable income (ATI); how the 2021 final regulations affect C corporations, consolidated groups, and partnerships; what the CFC group election is and how companies can make the election; the many anti-abuse rules contained in the 2021 final regulations; changes to the safe-harbor election; and advice for taxpayers on how to consistently and accurately apply the multitude of rules under Section 163(j).

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