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Cross-border Tax Talks

January 06, 2021

Supply and demand: key value chain considerations in 2021

Doug McHoney (PwC's US International Tax Services (ITS) Leader) and Alex Voloshko (PwC's Value Chain Transformation Leader and ITS Partner in PwC's Washington National Tax Services office) discuss key considerations for value chains in 2021. Doug and Alex define 'value chain,' and how it includes the 'supply chain,' the 'demand chain,' and more; how value chains impact tax and transfer pricing; how supply chains were disrupted in 2020 and the outlook for supply chains in the new year; the plethora of factors that go into value and supply chain planning, including cost structure, access to qualified labor and production capabilities, regulatory considerations, and tax costs; the growing pressure on companies to 'near shore' and diversify their value chains; important trends for multinational entities, including increased scrutiny from tax authorities and increased transparency; the increasing importance of managing growth in a strategic manner; and recent trends concerning permanent establishments (PE).

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Doug McHoney

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