Insourced Solutions for Tax (IST)

Delivering scalable, in-house, tax managed services solutions across the globe

A distinctive tax solution

Insourced Solutions for Tax (IST) is the first tax managed services solution of its kind. Insourced Solutions for Tax is made up of tax professionals with deep in-house tax department experience that understand the unique needs of a tax function and its stakeholders. We can comprehensively deliver across the full global tax lifecycle—from provision to compliance—or in your specific area(s) of need for a more flexible solution. Tax technology built by and for an in-house tax department, together with a data-first approach allow us to eliminate redundancies and manual processes and offer greater cost-efficiency. Insourced Solutions for Tax provides our clients with a comprehensive tax solution that is tech enabled and cost-efficient while preserving the in-house feel of your own team.

Companies today are challenged with:

Navigating a complex regulatory environment

Increase agility as tax regulations and policy change to manage risk and maximize efficiencies.

Managing an extensive people function

Maintain the right mix of tax expertise and structural leverage while balancing the challenges of recruiting, training, and mobility.

Keeping current with advancements in technology

Leverage the PwC myMobility dashboard to connect key data sources across the mobility function, with a focus on real-time access to information and reporting.

Ongoing cost pressures

PwC’s process and technology create an agile service delivery model that can drive significant savings.

Ready to capitalize on tax managed services? Here’s how to benefit from a trend that may outlast the COVID-19 crisis.

Companies are looking for a cost-effective way to improve high-value, non-core operations like tax services, under the most severe financial pressure they have likely experienced in decades. These two drivers -- cost containment and accelerated digital transformation -- make it important to consider tax managed services. A managed services model helps companies conduct core operations like tax and finance and accounting on modern tech platforms with highly-skilled professionals, while saving 10% to 20% in costs. A successful shift to a tax managed services model starts with understanding whether the model is a good fit for your company and what you should look for in a provider.

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How PwC can help

To help our clients address and capitalize on changes in the tax and regulatory environment, we are uniquely positioned to provide:

Global and scalable in-house team


  • 600 tax professionals, globally integrated across more than 40 countries
  • An average of 14 years of in-house experience with some of the most complex global multinationals across a diverse set of industries
  • A separate and distinct Insourced Solutions for Tax practice, focused solely on insourced work, with access to the global PwC network
  • Successful track record of teaming with business stakeholders and connecting across the tax life cycle


Data-first approach


  • Data-first philosophy that drives efficiency and quality across the full tax life-cycle
  • A customizable, master data management framework that is fully supported by specialized technology applications
  • Disciplined governance focused on insights and continuous improvement

Comprehensive technology


  • A fully scalable and integrated suite of tax applications built by tax professionals, for tax professionals
  • Products that are designed to manage data and risk in a complex environment, provide maximum transparency and meet multiple stakeholder needs
  • A dedicated team of 65 Insourced Solutions for Tax developers and coders working side by side with tax technical specialists
  • Software that is continuously updated to take into account changes in tax regulations and technology advancements


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