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Strategy and risk

Prepare for what’s ahead

Look to the future

What boards focus on today needs to make way for what’s next. Contributing to and overseeing corporate strategy and risk are core board responsibilities. A thoughtful approach to oversight can bring real value to a company and its shareholders.

How your board can oversee third-party risk

Given the sheer number of third parties on which companies rely and with whom they collaborate it’s important to evaluate and manage the related risks. Corporate boards can play an important role by ensuring management has established effective third-party risk management programs.

Learn how your board can oversee third-party risk

Take on change. Lead what’s next.

Bring more perspective to the process

From talent and transformation to thinking through a potential deal, bring fresh perspectives, ask the right questions, and drive more strategic discussions with your management teams.

Lead the way on digital

Up your digital oversight game—and better understand executive views—to help management put your business strategy into overdrive.

Crack the code to better cyber and risk oversight

Develop a more thoughtful approach to cyber and risk oversight and deliver more value to your company’s shareholders.

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