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ESG oversight

The what, why, and how of effective ESG oversight

The push to net zero emissions: where the board comes in

Governments, regulators, shareholders, and others are making advancements in the push to net zero emissions, and they are expecting the same from companies. What do net zero pledges mean for a company and its strategic future? How should boards be thinking about these commitments? What is the board’s role in overseeing those decisions and monitoring progress? Learn more about the board’s role in leading what’s next on climate change. 

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How can your board drive action on ESG?

Understand the big picture

When it comes to ESG, the stakes are rising—as are the growth opportunities. The conversation isn’t new, it’s expanding. ESG oversight is about more than checking a box. It’s about creating sustainable advantage and value. To do that, your board needs to see the full picture.

Elevate D&I as a strategic business issue

The pursuit of diversity isn’t just about doing the right thing. A diverse, inclusive workforce helps drive better outcomes. With the culture of your organization and the ability to attract top talent at stake, boards need to take an  active role in overseeing D&I initiatives. Our dashboard and insights provide practical steps boards can take.

Dig into climate risk

Institutional shareholders have long been clamoring for greater disclosure around companies’ climate risk and footprint. And corporate directors increasingly believe that climate change should play a role in forming corporate strategy.That’s a good thing. Because with the White House putting climate risk front and center, boards will need to do even more.

Highlights from PwC’s 2021 Annual Corporate Directors Survey

In this episode of Inside America’s Boardrooms, Leah Malone, Director with PwC’s Governance Insights Center, overviews the results from our annual survey. While boards have demonstrated significant developmental growth throughout the pandemic, the 2021 survey results indicate there’s more progress yet to make – particularly when it comes to ESG, board diversity, and board assessments.

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