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Total compensation services

Supporting the attraction, engagement, and retention of key talent in order to drive business strategy and execution.

The 'future of work' will drive changes in reward. Demographic shifts, changes in performance management, better use of technology, and a complex regulatory environment will make new demands on reward structures and strategies.


How PwC can help

  • Reward represents one of the largest areas of 'spend' – and that spend is increasingly misaligned with the demands of the workforce.
  • Leaders need better and more 'real time' data on the value delivered through their reward programs.
  • Labor markets are more dynamic than ever – and understanding the impact of changing markets on the competitiveness of reward is harder than ever.
  • The tax and regulatory landscape is more complex and regulators are more 'aggressive'.
  • Senior executive reward is a critical element of investor scrutiny.

PwC has a unique combination of technical capabilities, market intelligence, and analytics to help our clients with a broad range of emerging reward issues including:

  • 'Total' reward strategy and analytics
  • Incentive design and linkage to performance management
  • Competitive benchmarking and development of reward structures
  • Tax and regulatory compliance
  • Senior executive reward and governance

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Partner, Workforce Transformation Leader, PwC US

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