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In a world where choices abound, but time is limited, and technology evolves rapidly, it can be challenging to meet consumer expectations and retain and attract customers. However, companies that successfully achieve strong customer attraction have a unique ability to draw in a diverse range of loyal customers who advocate for the brand.

We envision a future where outcome-driven approaches empower your business to become the ultimate customer attractor, aligning core values with customer beliefs and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Our managed services can help unlock the potential of your business and transform it into a customer-centric powerhouse.

Customer attraction: values meets capabilities

Companies that aren’t focused on customer attraction face the terrifying fact that ~55% of their customers are at risk of leaving tomorrow, our 2022 PwC Customer Loyalty Survey found. Empowered by choice, pressured by time and expecting more and more from their interactions with you, it’s time to understand and invest in the elements that help drive customer attraction.

Capabilities attraction

“What capabilities allow you to attract and keep your customers happy?”

Many organizations exclusively focus on capabilities attraction - developing capabilities that deliver differentiated products, services, or experiences. This is where innovation is key in order to keep up with continuously evolving customer expectations. Think customer insights generation; digital product innovation; process and system digitization; customer experience personalization. In the quest to understand “what” customers will do in given circumstances, capabilities are prioritized around fundamental demographics, or demonstrated customer behaviors.

But adjusting capabilities around customer and competitor moves is no longer enough to sustain customer attraction. To understand the demonstrated behaviors of your customers, you should understand the underlying factors that influence and drive "viewable behavior."

To be a more effective customer attractor, you should also focus on bringing values into the ongoing consumer experience conversation.

Customer Attraction graphic.

Values attraction

“What does your company stand for? What actions are you taking to improve the lives of your customers?”

Values attraction requires creating an inspiring company ethos that your customers align with, and putting it into action through investments and behaviors. Values attraction is driven by a compelling vision of what the company stands for, how mature those values are, how well customers understand them and how customers experience these values.

Measuring values attraction internally and externally helps define digital empathy, future optimism, sustainability, insight, and inclusion. This is where you can create new social contracts - becoming worthy of employee, customer and broader community engagement by articulating your purpose in a meaningful way.

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