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Empowering finance leaders to better partner with internal and external stakeholders by providing insight into business performance and proactive decision-making support.

Finance is doing more than ever before

CFOs face a business environment in which their companies’ strategies need to be supported by a flexible finance organization that delivers predictive, forward-looking insight and analysis, while at the same time continually increasing efficiency, control and compliance.

PwC's Finance consultants can help CFOs improve the value of the Finance function by improving efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Top performers spend 40% less time to close and report results internally than median companies
  • Top performers have 63% more FTEs in business partnering roles than median companies
  • Top performers spend 20% more time on analysis vs. data gathering
  • Top performers have significantly higher levels of automation while also managing costs. (Finance cost as a percentage of revenue is 0.6% for top performers and 0.9% for median companies.)

What sets top performers apart? Are you keeping up?

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How we help

PwC provides, real-world industry and functional experience as well as peer-group benchmarking of financial metrics. We help you simplify the identification of performance gaps, capitalize on the power of data-driven decision making and move quickly towards a more efficient, cost-effective way to do business. Our solutions and tools are designed to help CFOs succeed in an evolving role.

Explore our case studies and analyst accolades to learn more.

Finance strategy

Identify strategies to optimize the Finance structure, process, people and technology to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Finance transformation strategy: Reduce functional and operational complexity and create standardized, streamlined processes that deliver efficient, high-quality services to all stakeholders.

Finance service delivery model: Align skills and competencies with stakeholder needs.

Finance effectiveness benchmarking: Analyze cost and performance metrics against leading companies.

Enterprise performance management

Align planning, budgeting, consolidation, reporting and analytics solutions to provide business insights that drive better decisions and actions.

Consolidation and statutory reporting: Aggregate and consolidate results for external reporting.

Integrated planning: Design processes and systems for planning, budgeting and forecasting.

Management information: Design and deliver reporting and analytics to monitor the business.

Costing and profitability management: Deliver cost and profitability analysis including activity-based management and product and customer profitability.

Finance and accounting operations

Implement strategies to reduce functional and operational complexity, streamline processes, optimize the use of technology, and efficiently use resources to deliver cost-effective, high-quality services.

Transaction processing optimization: Design and implement leading practices across Finance transaction processes: Procure-to-Pay, Acquire-to-Retire, Order-to-Cash, Record-to-Report.

Record-to-report and last mile: Achieve timely, accurate and transparent data through a smarter close.

Finance applications and data structures: Optimize Finance systems and leverage cloud technology to improve automation, data quality, control and cost effectiveness.

Finance organizational design

Align skills and competencies with the organization’s strategy and stakeholder needs to serve as a strategic business partner.

Service delivery model: Optimize shared services and outsourcing to reduce costs and focus on core competencies.

Robotics Process Automation (RPA): Leverage digital labor to automate processes and intelligent analytics.

Sustainable cost reduction: Realize sustainable cost reduction and margin improvement while improving visibility into key cost drivers and establishing a competitive advantage.

Finance integration and transaction support

Improve the value provided across the transaction continuum including diligence, day one systems, processes and organization integration.

Business combinations: Plan and execute the integration of finance systems, processes and organization.

Divestitures: Establish stand-alone finance operations for separated business segments.

IPO readiness: Prepare for the rigors of public operations including controls, reporting and forecasting.

Corporate finance and treasury

Maximize liquidity position, make funding decisions and manage financial risk (such as foreign exchange rates, interest rate changes and commodity price fluctuation) to increase organization and shareholder value.

Financial risk management: Design and leverage models to assess the impact of market, credit and operational risk on capital resources, which informs hedging and capital management strategies.

Working capital management: Enable transactional process efficiency to optimize cash flow and liquidity.


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