Divestitures strategy

Straightforward advice to secure your future

Sharper focus. Strengthened business. Stronger cash flows. As companies pursue their goals for growth and innovation, divestitures offer strong, strategic benefits – but how do you know if, and when, it’s the right choice and right time?

From portfolio assessment, to discovering value in carving out separate entities, PwC’s strategy and divestitures teams work hand in hand with you to uncover real deal opportunities.

Together with an objective and unbiased approach aimed at increasing speed to market by 30% and improving impact on EBITDA, our teams deliver straightforward advice and execution support to help you make today’s growth decisions to secure your future.

A 360° view on deal opportunity

At PwC, we bring together deals strategists, industry specialists and data scientists to analyze your portfolio from all angles, offering a clear perspective of both your position, and potential, through both a buyer’s and shareholders’ perspective.

By reviewing and ranking each business on a portfolio map, we can help you understand the competitive position for all lines of business and rank the shareholder value impact of actions for each business. Supplemental lines that don't align with core strategy may deserve a closer look. Spinning off or selling a top performer could deliver a significant capital boost, while divesting a poor performer - even if it doesn't yield much value - could remove the cost of keeping that business.

The market may be volatile and uncertain, but the path to growing your business doesn’t have to be.

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Michael  Niland

Michael Niland

US Divestitures Services Leader, PwC US

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