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Must-Have Digital Skills of the Next-Gen Internal Auditor

Transforming Risk into Confidence podcast series

In this episode, Lauren Massey joins Mike Maali to discuss next-gen internal auditor profiles and the impact that digital skills and collaboration will have on internal audit transformation. 

We discuss the following questions: 

0:45 - How is the internal auditor skill set changing? 
2:50 - What does the next-gen internal auditor career progression look like? 
4:53 - How are companies, including PwC, going through the process of upskilling current staff? 
8:30 - What are the recruitment aspects of the talent strategy and the changes we are seeing for internal audit? 

About our moderator

Mike Maali leads PwC’s Internal Audit, Compliance & Risk Management Solutions Practice. For nearly 30 years, Mike has delivered a range of risk management, external audit and internal audit services to leading global and national organizations. His expertise includes implementing and optimizing enterprise-wide risk management programs and systems, and performing risk assessments, translating the results into efficient, risk-based plans for internal audit, risk and compliance functions. He has advised clients on how to stand up their internal audit, risk management and compliance functions, and how to transform existing functions to be strategically aligned with the business and other risk prevention lines of defense. He also offers best practices to embed data analytics and advanced technology into all components of risk management and control, and leverages PwC’s deep industry and technical capabilities for enhanced insights in the planning, execution and reporting of internal audit projects, risk management programs and compliance testing solutions.

About our guests

Lauren Massey is a PwC Principal based in Tampa, Florida focused on delivering strategic Internal Audit, Compliance and Risk Management solutions to clients in the manufacturing and technology sectors. She has been helping companies integrate data and technology into their internal audit strategies, and is a subject matter specialist in data mining and analysis around control deficiencies and potential instances of fraud. In her role, she is responsible for delivering continuous enterprise risk assessment, internal audit strategy, engagement planning and budgeting, as well as managing communications with audit committees and senior executives.

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Mike Maali

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