Industry Cloud for Health Services

We’ve reimagined health services to help enhance consumer experiences and clinical care and empower your workforce—all while lowering costs and enhancing quality. It begins with our end-to-end cloud technology and business solutions.

How can you improve the health of your health services?

Our Industry Cloud business solutions are powered by next-generation technology designed for today’s challenges. Secure AI automation, industry-leading cloud technology and outcome-driven business services can help you reduce costs, improve productivity and empower your workforce to create a better consumer experience. We’re leading the way for a healthier future for health services.

Achieve better outcomes with end-to-end capabilities

Industry Cloud can help payers and providers meet their toughest challenges: improving clinical outcomes and lowering costs. Our cloud solutions can reduce inefficiencies, empower your workforce and improve interoperability to address pain points. We can help you focus on what truly matters—patient care and service—by working with you to tailor Industry Cloud to your company’s current and future needs and processes.

Access technology-enabled solutions designed to evolve along with healthcare

Deliver personalized and preventive care across the patient journey

Industry Cloud can empower you to tailor care plans and interventions for each patient based on their needs and outcomes. Leverage mobile and web platforms to engage and support patients with relevant info.

Connect and integrate your healthcare ecosystem with cloud-based solutions

Our solutions can seamlessly link your clinical and admin systems with external providers, such as payers and labs, to help streamline workflows, improve data quality and interoperability plus enhance collaboration.

Modernize your healthcare infrastructure and operations with minimal disruption

Our flexible architecture lets you deploy our cloud-native, pre-built assets to complement—or replace—your existing systems. This can help reduce costs and improve performance and security as well as fulfill regulatory standards.

Discover how Industry Cloud can help transform health services

Improve employee resources

Enhance operations to help transform provider and patient experiences

Our solutions and services can help you improve staff and patient care, fostering a more streamlined, effective, satisfied workforce. They also help boost employee retention, provide greater access to care and increase patient volume and revenue, all without needing to add capacity. Scalable care management processes can fill gaps, streamline patient journeys and referrals, improve outcomes and enhance your brand.

Accelerate growth

Reimagine healthcare services tech to help strengthen the future of your business

We combine modernization strategies, alliances and GenAI-driven automation to help drive better patient and provider experiences, accelerate growth and transform health services delivery. Our solutions generate actionable, data-driven insights that can help you improve care delivery, quality of care and value-based outcomes, promote population health and adapt to your market’s evolving needs.

Work seamlessly

Increase interoperability and customize solutions to help reduce pain points

Our customized digital solutions can help address your interoperability challenges—from technical configurations to data privacy and regulatory compliance—to enable seamless, secure data exchange across diverse data standards and varied EHR, CRM, ERP and legacy systems. Our strategies and modular integrations can adapt to your needs, enhancing your care coordination, efficiency and patient engagement while reducing costs.

Improve clinical outcomes

Reduce inefficiency and deliver better results

Solutions should justify their costs and meet defined timelines. Our integrated Industry Cloud solutions can digitally enable your provider business and mission to drive growth. We focus on delivering faster time to value—and better clinical outcomes—to help lower unnecessary 30-day readmissions, enhance efficiencies, increase patient retention and growth, improve provider engagement and strengthen the bottom line.

Boost workforce performance

Leverage technology to help enhance care team efficiency and satisfaction

Employees can do more to coordinate and manage healthcare using our integrated solutions, designed to help solve pain points, reduce manual administrative tasks and revenue leakage. Our Industry Cloud solutions and services can help enable teams to grow while increasing their sense of work satisfaction and well-being, which can lead to stronger workforce retention and less administrative waste.

Accelerate growth

Reimagine healthcare tech services to help improve your business future

Our modernization strategies, business networks and AI solutions can enable personalized health plans to help revolutionize the provider experience and enable members to take control of their well-being. Our data-driven insights can lead to more targeted interventions, reducing health disparities and improving outcomes that effectively manage population health and streamline operations.

Improve clinical outcomes

Reduce inefficiencies and deliver better results

Our insights and algorithms can help improve care pathways and enhance care coordination, clinical outcomes and population health management. Our Industry Cloud solution enables a holistic view of patient health to help lower costs, enhance efficiency and bolster your bottom line while supporting value-based care models and patient outcomes.

Work seamlessly

Reduce pain points and enhance interoperability with customized solutions

Our Industry Cloud solutions can adapt to your health plan’s unique requirements and address common challenges across the overall payer value chain. We address interoperability head on, enabling seamless data exchange for valuable insights, improved care coordination and streamlined workflows and processes. These benefits can lead to better patient care, operational efficiency and financial outcomes.

Streamline operations

Intelligently reduce unnecessary costs

A smart health plan can help you streamline processes, reduce costs and improve patient health. Our Industry Cloud solutions’ differentiated use of data can help reduce manual processes and administrative overhead, enhance member access and retention, and advance health equity. Streamlining these processes and better use of data can save time and resources and enhance the customer experience.

Boost workforce performance

Improve workforce skills and shared services delivery

We focus on enabling your staff and shared services to develop new skills and take on bigger roles, promoting professional growth and job satisfaction, resulting in a more highly skilled workforce with more mature HR, Finance, and IT services built on Industry Cloud. This can improve retention and processes to enable growth and the smart health plan.

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