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FP&A Survey Results

A recent survey of FP&A leaders provided two key findings: Data is a significant challenge that keeps growing, and staffing is becoming more of a problem.

The survey revealed 48% of FP&A teams don't have appropriate staffing levels and 64% of FP&A staff don't have clear career progressions. Nearly 60% of FP&A data requires manual data manipulation; and upwards of 80% of FP&A tasks are somewhat or significantly done in offline databases and spreadsheets. This leaves staff spending too much time on repetitive manual tasks, and not enough time driving business insights and supporting decision making.

FP&A Managed Services is an option to accelerate your modern finance journey, giving rapid access to emerging technologies, skills and capabilities you need without the substantial upfront investment.

Top data related challenges of FP&A organizations

  • Manual manipulation of data
  • Master data elements stored across multiple systems
  • Multiple mapping tables between systems
  • Decentralized data ownership
  • Inconsistent key data elements



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