XaaS: Anything as a Service

Reinvent your customer relationships with XaaS, and maximize customer lifetime value (CLV) with recurring revenue streams for enhanced predictability & market valuation.

Anything as a Service, or XaaS, is a game-changing business model shift that changes the way companies engage with customers.  Instead of selling traditional “one-and-done” products and services, XaaS brings on-demand, subscription-based, or consumption-based/usage-based propositions to customers, along with recurring revenues.

XaaS offers enhanced predictability in business outcomes and enables companies to cater to a wider range of customer segments and user personas. This is accomplished through an accelerated transformation to a digital customer journey, enabled by the XaaS operating model. 

Service Offerings 

The path to Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS) can be challenging and requires careful coordination across key building blocks including digital customer experience, digital demand generation, omnichannel multi-modal orchestration, billing and subscription management, along with digital payments. XaaS business models demand seamless customer engagement from pre-sales to post-sales, which involves breaking down traditional boundaries between front office and back office and activating customer success for end-to-end outcomes. 

These service offerings and solutions may be scaled and adjusted based on individual companies’ needs and contextualized to where they are in their business model reinvention journey.

Strategic imperatives & XaaS business visioning

  • Business plan and revenue mix shift modeling 

  • Business scenario planning with agent-based simulations for best outcomes in investment planning and phasing 

  • Fast 15 Framework - Fifteen key decisions for the C-Suite to focus on for XaaS acceleration  

Products / Offering structure design

  • Pricing and packaging (market validation, primary research/ VOC (Voice of the Customer)

  • Configure to price/quote

  • Product / offering catalog

Design & Implementation for XaaS success

  • Business model in a box – 90-day path to transaction readiness  

  • Business architecture playbook / Operating model / Organizational Readiness

  • Transformation & technology roadmap 

  • E2E Reference architectures for key XaaS applications and vendor comparison perspectives across top 5 CRM, CPQ, subscription, revenue management and ERP platforms

  • Artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) enabled Intelligent Lead-to-Cash (L2C) 

  • L2C Data Readiness

Digital customer experience for XaaS

  • Moments that matter - XaaS customer journey and the role of customer success 

  • Customer experience clickable prototype for key buyer and user personas across customer segments 

  • Driving Revenues through renewals: Frictionless ownership / User experience 

BMIB 3.0 - Business model in a box

  • Accelerated implementation and transaction readiness in 90 days (powered by PwC’s model systems for industry-leading solutions) 

  • Pre-built L2C instrumentation & predictive analytics (AI/ ML) for high-impact use cases (across Lead to Cash) including guided selling, intelligent pricing & contracting, renewals  

  • L2C foundational data & Integrations architecture patterns    

Managing risk for XaaS at scale

  • Enterprise risk for recurring revenue business models 

  • Financial impact / Financial risk  

  • Cyber-security readiness for the “connected customer” business in XaaS 

  • Tax optimization for XaaS with implications for legal entity, IP ownership and more  

Product & platform for XaaS

  • Product development and innovation as a service accelerated new product introduction (NPI) for XaaS 

  • Connected cloud platform with interaction model for enterprise architecture  

Meet the team

Romit Dey

Business Models Reinvention and XaaS Transformation Leader, PwC US


Aparna Venkataraman

Principal, Salesforce Consulting, PwC US


Alison Millar

Salesforce Consulting, XaaS Leader, PwC US


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