Business model reinvention: Ecosystems / platform play

Harness the power of an ecosystem/platform strategy to unlock new revenue streams, drive innovation and growth, increase customer loyalty, and enable business agility

Collaborate, drive outsized returns, access untapped market segments, and unlock new commercial opportunities and partnerships.

Business model reinvention: Ecosystems / platform play

Unlock new revenue streams and drive growth

Ecosystems players can get more creative with what and how they sell. The partnerships formed throughout the network allow businesses to target new customer segments, reach previously untapped geographies, or commercialize a new type of offering.

Business model reinvention: Ecosystems / platform play

Increase customer stickiness and loyalty

Customer preferences are rapidly evolving. Engaging in an ecosystem play can increase your organization's value proposition by enabling a more comprehensive offering that better meets a broader set of customer needs. This, in turn, can foster a deep loyalty that compounds into long-term value.

Business model reinvention: Ecosystems / platform play

Increase business agility

Ecosystem opportunities allow businesses to respond swiftly and effectively to market shifts; the collaborative nature of the network allows players to adapt their strategies, products, and services quickly. This agility empowers ecosystem players to stay ahead of the curve, seize emerging opportunities, and navigate through uncertainties with resilience and flexibility. 

Know the triggers, find the value

My company hasn’t thought about a holistic ecosystem strategy – how do we start to frame our position on this?   

It is important to understand your industry and identify the key ecosystems, platforms, and players relevant and accretive to your business. This will help you understand the existing landscape and the potential opportunities for collaboration.

PwC can identify, design, and operationalize your Ecosystem engagement strategy – inclusive of the areas you can play and have a right to win, how to engage partners, and what capabilities are needed to operationalize and capture value. Our customer-focused approach paired with deep market insights helps you understand consumers’ needs and identify market opportunities quickly. 

How can my company become more strategic in connecting with existing ecosystems and platforms?

Establishing connections with existing platforms and established ecosystems can reduce time to value by taking advantage of a shared pool of resources, customers, infrastructure, and talent. Executing these partnerships requires a deep competency in the ability to evaluate compatibility and synergistic opportunities, partner management, and third-party risk management. 

PwC can help your organization develop processes to identify and nurture partnerships with the ecosystems and platforms that align with your goals. Our expertise extends to developing secure and innovative third-party integrations, establishing robust data management, and fostering an agile and adaptable mindset to respond to changes in the ecosystem.

How does my company's ecosystem strategy impact our finance, tax, legal, and regulatory practices?   

Implementing an ecosystem strategy can have significant implications for finance, tax, legal, and regulatory practices. Ecosystems typically introduce new complexities, including revenue sharing models, shared cost structures, tax strategy considerations, and local and global regulations.

PwC’s breadth and depth of offerings across the business life cycle, including tax, deals, risk & regulation, product, and managed services, sets us apart. We provide end-to-end solutions that cover all critical areas, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive approach to support your product offerings.

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