Ecosystems / platform play

In today’s digitally connected world, the power and prevalence of “business ecosystems” are undeniable. Engaging in ecosystems allows organizations to unlock new revenue streams and increase their valuation, customer loyalty, and business agility.

An ecosystem play involves a company engaging in a network of organizations that collectively create and share value. By working together, they innovate at a level they couldn’t independently while delivering more expansive offerings to existing and new consumers. PwC has identified three "ways to play":  

  1. Orchestrator: Develops, owns, and manages the platform and governance of the network.
  2. Participant: Offerings are integrated into an existing ecosystem. By doing so they pay "rent" to play in that ecosystem.
  3. Independent: Forgoes ecosystem engagement. 

Service Offerings 

  • "YEP: Your Ecosystem Play"​ 

  • Foundational excellence​ 

  • Product & innovation agility​ 

  • Privacy, regulation & trust excellence​ 

  • Sales enablement  

  • Technical solutioning  

  • Organization enablement 

Meet the team

Sahil Bhardwaj

Principal, PwC US


Tom Casey

Digital & Cloud Strategy Partner, PwC US


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