Digital products

Digital products allow organizations to expand their addressable markets, deliver seamless customer experiences, and gain more loyalty from customers.

Companies are under growing pressure to reinvent their business models for the future. They must respond to changing customer behavior and preferences, adapt to rapid technological advancements, and seek new strategies for monetization and revenue growth. 

Some companies lack the time or resources to start the journey, while others start the journey but get stuck or fail to realize benefits. PwC can help.

Service Offerings 

Our complete set of offerings covers the full digital product lifecycle, from conceptualization to launch and ongoing operation.

Envision the future by creating a digital product strategy that enables your business model reinvention. 

  • Digital product strategy - Create clarity and enable better decision making by defining your product vision and goals, customer segments, value proposition, and expected return on investment. 

  • Rapid readiness assessment - Understand the maturity of your business functions and the steps you need to take to ensure they’re ready to drive reinvention. 

Mobilize from strategy to concept to prototype and prepare your business functions to support a new digital product. 

  • Software product design - From personas, user journeys, and wireframing to high-fidelity prototypes, create intuitive and compelling designs that resonate with your target audience. 

  • Solution architecture - Establish architecture principles and solution blueprints that encompass all major system components, interfaces, and data flows. 

  • MVP planning - Create a product backlog and roadmap, establish realistic timelines and milestones, understand dependencies and risks, and estimate costs for developing a minimum viable product (MVP). 

  • Business enablement planning - Begin preparing your business functions for product launch, across tax strategy, operating model design, partnership selection, go-to-market strategy, accounting policy design, intellectual property protection, and more. 

Incubate and validate your digital product and supporting business functions. Validate problem-solution fit, confirm technical feasibility, and evaluate suitability for the market. 

  • Software engineering - Make your prototype a reality to attract early adopters and chart a path to product-market fit. 

  • Business function enablement - Develop key operational areas such as marketing strategies, sales channels, and customer support to refine your business functions and align with the objectives and market demands of the digital product. 

Scale your investment and optimize your business functions and resources to support the digital product through full-scale market release. 

  • Scaled product development - Expand your MVP to a larger market by enhancing it to meet the needs and priorities of mainstream customers, and by optimizing it for performance, responsiveness, and growth. 

  • Scaled business capabilities - Expand the key functions and capabilities of your business as you reach product-market fit to achieve your growth via strategic sourcing, change management, hiring and upskilling, and finance management. 

Run the business to maximize your return. Optimize maintenance and support to ensure your product meets customer needs and performance standards. 

  • Managed product and business operations - Execute and optimize your product and business operations to evolve your digital footprint and respond to client demands and market dynamics. 

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