Connected physical products

Are you ready to compete in a connected physical world?

Demand for connected physical products, associated analytics, and infrastructure is increasing in the marketplace and organizations that integrate their products and services within a connected ecosystem realize the value of these investments.  

Transformation can be turbulent and lengthy. But we can help you become a transformative enterprise – that does it naturally. From getting to the right business model to making your people primed for innovation, our connected physical product design and development services support your business model reinvention and growth aspirations.

Connected physical products can enable & drive business model reinvention

Connected physical products are tangible goods that have been integrated or enhanced with advanced technology. These advanced technologies include sensors, connectivity, and digital processing capabilities. This allows products to sense their environment, act based on certain conditions, collect data, and transmit that data to other connected products and systems in the ecosystem. These functionalities bring incredible value to both the companies that develop the products and the customers who use them. Examples of these products include:  

  • Wearable technologies 

  • Autonomous vehicles 

  • Connected industrial equipment  

  • Smart home devices 

  • Medical technologies 

Connected physical products have the power to revolutionize and disrupt industries by enabling: 

  • Remote access/control 

  • Data optimization and synchronization 

  • Predictive and preventative maintenance 

  • Remote upgrades  

  • Product-as-a-service business models

Connected physical product businesses can originate organically or be transformed from existing analog or digitally native products. Regardless, most organizations can require new capabilities, skills and ways of working to operate these new connected physical businesses.

Supporting your entire business model reinvention journey

Wherever you are on your journey to innovation and growth, we are here to help. Using PwC’s business model reinvention (BMR) framework, we collaborate closely with organizational leaders to map out a plan that drives towards value creation and growth.

Business Model Reinvention Business Model Reinvention

PwC is excited to welcome Surfaceink into our portfolio of capabilities that we offer related to connected physical products.

  • Surfaceink’s capabilities enhance PwC’s ability to provide support through the minimum viable product (MVP)/prototype lifecycle. Surfaceink is a leading product design, development, and engineering services firm specializing in industrial design, hardware engineering, software engineering, and other technical services specifically in the MVP/prototype lifecycle.
  • This acquisition will help accelerate PwC's ability to help clients design and develop Connected Physical Products and solutions. 
  • Surfaceink's track record of pioneering innovation and success with top Silicon Valley visionaries, Fortune 500 companies and start-ups, along with its deep knowledge in creating holistic product solutions and exceptional user experiences, can help set us apart in the market and position us as a leader in delivering connected solutions.

The MVP/Prototype Development Process 

With PwC and Surfaceink, our diverse team of designers, engineers, and computer scientists, led by experienced professionals, tackle a wide range of challenges in rapid product development. By streamlining the process, we help enable a predictable and prudent MVP schedule while maintaining our clients' original vision and desired market impact. Surfaceink’s proven rapid MVP product development process coupled with PwC’s experience in operations transformation will help make sure your new product is successful.

Business Model Reinvention Business Model Reinvention

Our rapid MVP product development services include:

  • Industrial design - Creating the product concept, user experience & brand expression​

  • UI/UX design - creating digital interface solutions between people and devices 

  • Mechanical engineering - Solving structural & performance challenges while maintaining original design integrity​

  • Electrical engineering - Establishing electrical component relationships & configurations

  • Software systems development - software for hardware (IoT) 

  • Audio and Acoustics - Engaging the senses with better sound ​with clearer communication

  • Systems Engineering - Improving key subsystems to enhance ​total product performance 

  • Voice systems engineering - Enabling voice-as-an-interface & pristine voice communications​

  • Product compliance consulting - navigating the regulatory and compliance maze with confidence 

  • In-region NPI - supporting new production introduction 

Meet the team

Russell Rasmus

Principal – Leader, Connected Physical Products, PwC US


Eric Bauswell

Principal - Connected Physical Products, PwC US


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