Channel disintermediation

Grow new customer segments, own customer understanding, and increase profit margins

Channel disintermediation is an innovative strategy that involves rethinking distribution and sales channels. This is often achieved through the adoption of direct-to-consumer approaches and by leveraging cutting-edge technology. Channel disintermediation encompasses various methods such as direct sales, online marketplaces, subscription models, or digital platforms.  

Channel disintermediation provides companies with the potential to drive growth, improve operational efficiency, enhance customer relationships, and strengthen the competitive position of the business. 

Service Offerings

  • Channel strategy - Execute full business model reinvention (BMR) strategy or executive strategy accelerator workshop
  • Business simulations - Present value proposition of new channels and offerings to address market opportunities
  • Digital prototype - Structure and design operating model & minimum viable product (MVP) & promote interactive demos
  • MVP offering - Design, launch & measure new operating model, channel, and offering (s)
  • Structure & solution - Develop the operating model, go-to-market, and build experience and solution development

Meet the team

Juneen Belknap

Principal, Transformation, PwC US


Gopal Sreeraman

Principal, Cloud & Digital, PwC US


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