Business model reinvention: Channel disintermediation

The creation of new channels to effectively engage new and existing customers to increase control over distribution, reduce costs and provide direct access to customers

Drive growth, improve operational efficiency, enhance customer relationships, and strengthen the competitive position of your business. 

Enhanced customer engagement and revenue

Gain direct access to customers, empowering your company to expedite iteration and testing processes while opening untapped customer segments. Establish a direct relationship, understand unique needs, and tailor offerings accordingly.

Empower your organization

By disintermediating, going direct to consumers, or expanding to new channels, organizations enable more control over their margins and customer messaging. 

Gain complete control of your brand

Misinformation and disinformation are the most severe short-term risk the world faces. By engaging your customers directly, you’re able to shape your brand identity and mitigate these risks.

Know the triggers, find the value

How will these changes impact my organization’s tax structuring?

The removal or addition of intermediaries may result in a shift in revenue recognition and potentially impact your organization's tax liabilities. Additionally, channel disintermediation can affect your organization's supply chain and procurement processes. With the removal or addition of intermediaries, organizations may need to establish new relationships with suppliers or manufacturers, potentially leading to changes in the sourcing of goods or services. 

As you build new resources, capabilities, and profit formulas, there are significant tax considerations. We help optimize tax strategies, leading to substantial tax savings. This provides you with the opportunity to reinvest the savings back into their business growth initiatives, fueling further expansion and success. 

What organizational changes will be needed to enable new channels?

To enable new channels, organizational changes will be needed in technology infrastructure, performance measurement and metrics, and change management and communication.

PwC can help with enabling new channels by providing expertise in assessing technology infrastructure, identifying gaps and limitations, and recommending and implementing necessary upgrades or integrations; establishing key performance indicators and metrics specific to the new channels for effective monitoring and evaluation; and offering guidance and support in change management and communication strategies to ensure smooth implementation and adoption of the organizational changes.

How will the customer be impacted by the changes?

Introducing new channels can enhance convenience for customers by providing them with additional options to interact with the organization. New channels can make products or services more accessible to a wider customer base and can also enable organizations to gather more customer data and insights. This data can be leveraged to personalize the customer experience, tailoring offerings, recommendations, and communications to individual preferences – leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Our customer-focused holistic approach, paired with deep market insights and industry expertise helps you define a clear strategy, understand customer needs, and identify market opportunities quickly. 

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