Gaining insight with PwC People Analytics leveraging SAP SuccessFactors

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The People Analytics science enables organizations to not only predict, but measure and adjust using data to stay ahead in a world where the pace of change is increasing. The right statistics bring leaders insights that can be used to make better decisions and drive successful outcomes.

PwC can help organizations realize the true capabilities of these applications. We think about the analytics opportunities associated with SAP SuccessFactors in two ways:

  • First, clients are looking to take advantage of having all of their data in one place – and that’s where dashboards, metrics and Saratoga benchmarks can add value
  • The second opportunity is to embed analytics results in SAP SuccessFactors modules to make better, more informed talent decisions directly at the decision point


As the Human Resource (HR) and Information Technology (IT) areas implement SAP SuccessFactors, they should ask whether they have the people analytics to:

Equip recruiters and managers with data to make better hiring decisions

Provide managers with insight into what drives workforce productivity

Upskill and transition the workforce into the right assignments and roles

Leverage facts to drive down turnover and develop targeted retention strategies

Use quantitative results rather than just gut feel to get at the heart of what matters most to your employees

Analytics first mindset: Analytics-enabled module design

Reporting and analytics are normally only considered at the very end of the implementation. By incorporating analytics at the forefront of the implementation, analytics can improve each module and serve as the glue that connects one SAP SuccessFactors module to another.

PwC’s approach to the implementation process is fundamentally different. We articulate overarching data and analytics objectives up front, design a solution to enable them as part of module design, and embed analytics specialists within module design to help clients achieve effective reporting and analytics. This approach speeds time to value, and limits rework.

PwC’s analytics approach to each module covers four steps:

  • Analytical inputs to the module
  • Data foundations
  • Metrics and data governance
  • Reporting

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