Digital transformation through the strategic adoption of SAP Leonardo

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PwC and SAP Leonardo - innovate, integrate, and scale

Digitization is transforming how companies in every industry go to market, interact with customers, and carry out their operations. The ability to deliver business value using new technologies is critical to moving forward with new ideas and creative applications.

SAP Leonardo, digital transformation

Jump start the digital solution adoption

PwC and SAP work together to help organizations transform their business through the strategic adoption of SAP’s digital innovation system SAP Leonardo. 

SAP Leonardo is focused on six key technologies integrated on the SAP Cloud Platform:

  • Machine learning
  • Blockchain
  • Data intelligence
  • Big data
  • Internet of Things
  • Analytics

SAP Leonardo makes it easy to inject innovation into your business with a low risk approach and scale seamlessly as your company grows. This system combined with PwC's unique suite of industry accelerators and PwC’s BXT method provides a fully adaptable approach that allows you to build a solution specific to your industry or business need.

Leonardo digital innovation

PwC has pursued global adoption of SAP Leonardo capabilities that spans all lines of services (Advisory, Assurance, Tax) and involves strategy, management, risk, and technology consulting.  

Smart cooler

Smart Cooler: Leverage SAP Leonardo to monitor your cold storage assets

Retail, Consumer Products, and Life Sciences Companies are losing millions of dollars due to improperly maintained or stocked inventory in cold storage assets and unplanned maintenance of these assets.  PwC’s Smart Cooler allows our clients to increase efficiency, gain inventory insights, and reduce the cost of unplanned maintenance by providing real time insights to cooling assets leveraging SAP Leonardo’s IoT, Analytics, and Machine Learning capabilities. This dynamic solution can be applied to keep inventory temperature and stock levels up to standard and issues can be predicted, detected, and addressed real time.

Blockchain-enabled Material Traceability

Blockchain-enabled Material Traceability: Leveraging SAP Leonardo to drive supply chain efficiency

Companies today require complete visibility into the tracking and tracing of physical assets and associated records, from manufacturing through deployment. Multiple parties are responsible for providing information and updating systems that are not connected to each other and the communication process is often manual and paper-intensive.  Syncing Data, workflow automation, and trusted transparency is key to enabling better supply chain efficiency across various industries, as well as to comply with regulatory requirements. PwC’s Material Traceability solution helps companies leverage Blockchain to gain trusted visibility in their end-to-end supply chain processes and drive efficiencies in communication end to end.

Cozmo robot

Voice-enabled Warehouse AutomationMeet Cozmo, a robot that can do some heavy lifting

PwC’s Warehouse Automation solution demonstrates how voice activation and robotic technologies can be used to automate many manual, recurring warehouse steps such as receiving, picking, and putaways driving operational efficiencies across your warehouses and distribution centers. The Cozmo voice-enabled robot brings to life these technologies providing an example for warehouse operation optimization, integrated with SAP Leonardo IoT and SAP S4/HANA, who assists in executing stock movements on the warehouse floor.

Cozmo robot

Digital Asset Performance Management: Harnessing the power of SAP Leonardo for Oil & Gas Upstream & Midstream

Asset performance management is critical to oil well profitability and protecting against risk. Monitoring oil well equipment is a manually intensive process which drives up the costs of exploration and production. PwC’s Digital Asset Performance Management solution provides our clients with the end to end visibility, predictability, automation, and validation of the asset maintenance lifecycle to help reduce overall maintenance cost, lifecycle time and EHS risk. This unique solution built on the SAP Leonardo suite, combines Blockchain, IoT, and Machine Learning to provide real-time access to asset health and predicted failures and near real-time updates to a shared ledger across several stakeholders, providing enhanced transparency and visibility for maintenance, repair parts procurement, and field installation.

Key benefits of implementing SAP Leonardo solutions:

User centric design thinking
Rapid and continuous innovation that is scalable
Simplicity in licensing/pricing
Integrate multiple SAP products with emerging technologies
Digitize your entire business – from the front office to the back

How PwC can help

We help our clients define their digital strategies, design distinctive capabilities, and plan the path to realization. We work with clients to align their company strategies with their digital solutions and investment plans. PwC’s unique strategic approach drives transformation in a way that sparks innovation and meets business objectives working at the intersection of business, experience and technology. This approach coupled with deep industry and technical knowledge of SAP tools will help organizations turn ideas into impactful transformational digital businesses.

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Rich Sernyak

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Chris Beiswenger

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