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Enabling smart warehousing for an intelligent enterprise

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Warehouse management is business critical for Technology, Media, and Telecommunication (TMT) companies. When done right, it can reduce costs, increase warehouse efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. But with an ever-changing, ever-demanding, and ever-faster market, flexibility has become even more crucial.

Challenges abound for TMT warehousing

Though TMT companies understand the need for smarter warehousing solutions, challenges create a stumbling block that should be addressed to be competitive in an ever changing and ever demanding market environment. Challenges for TMT companies are very similar to other industries and include: improving productivity, inventory accuracy, storage and resource utilization, and inventory carrying costs are common areas that companies are trying to optimize.

How PwC can help improve warehouse performance and enable Industry 4.0 “Smart Warehouse” with SAP’s intelligent enterprise?

Advances in technology are making smart and intelligent warehousing a reality, providing flexibility to focus on better ways to manage resource skills and capacity to drive more throughput and efficiencies. Companies are actively looking for ways to leverage technology to automate and reduce dependency on human intelligence.

Smart warehousing is the new reality

The warehouse can become a strategic tool in how companies operate and generate value for their customers. TMT can leverage disruptive emerging technology to execute faster and leaner warehouses. Among the warehousing trends making smart warehouses a reality are:

  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Smart robots

  • Wearables and augmented reality

  • 3D printing

  • RFID

  • IoT & AI equipped warehouse

  • Optimized inventory by data analytics

  • IoT and Cloud-based warehouse

  • Pick to light system and voice-tasking

A Connected Supply Chain model for TMT

We can help solve their warehousing problems by leveraging the full capabilities of SAP’s Intelligent suite of applications – including S/4HANA, Integrated Business Planning, MII, and MES – and extending the solution to encompass the full power of technological advances to become an intelligent enterprise.

To learn more about key innovations and capabilities that can help realize the vision of smart warehouse using SAP S4HANA capabilities, download our full report.

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