Healthcare Cybersecurity, Risk and Regulatory

Real world challenges facing healthcare risk and regulatory compliance

Your data is your lifeblood. How secure is it?

In the health industries, your data is your lifeblood. As healthcare data becomes increasingly digitized and consumers demand greater access and control over their data, effective risk, cybersecurity and privacy practices are critical.

With greater access to data and advanced technologies, healthcare payors and providers have the opportunity to leverage data and analytics as a strategic asset. Our proven track record working in the healthcare risk and regulatory, cybersecurity and privacy areas can help propel transformation and achieve growth.

PwC's Cybersecurity, Risk and Regulatory practice has a long history of helping healthcare organizations and others strategically assess, design, deploy and improve cybersecurity and risk programs. We have more than 4,000 practitioners in this area, including specialized consultants, risk professionals, former law enforcement agents, cyber-forensic investigators, intelligence analysts, technologists, attorneys and industry leaders.

Accelerating the secure use of connected medical devices in hospitals

As connected medical devices are increasingly adopted within healthcare providers—from patient beds to syringes—so are the cyber risks associated with them. Cyberattacks against a hospital system may result in delayed patient care, loss of privacy or even more severe consequences.

Questions providers should be asking about healthcare regulatory, cybersecurity and risk include:

  • Are risks in devices identified and assessed prior to deployment?
  • Are adequate healthcare risk and liability measures present in purchasing and service contracts with medical device manufacturers?
  • Is there a process to quickly deploy urgent security patches with minimal disruption to patient care?
  • Are there processes in place to validate appropriate architecture and system configuration requirements prior to the deployment of a network connected device?
  • Are the necessary policies and processes in place for medical device management and maintenance?
  • Are medical devices decommissioned and disposed of such that all organizational information (e.g., wireless passwords) and protected health information (PHI) is removed?

How PwC can help

Our Cybersecurity, Risk and Regulatory group knows that protecting your data and adhering to privacy regulations that protect patients requires a proven methodology. Our approach includes these four components to help you propel transformation and achieve growth:

  • Cyber strategy and transformation strategies that put healthcare security first
  • Privacy and consumer protection to build trust and spark growth
  • Implementing operations to integrate, manage and improve your technologies and Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Incident and threat management to identify, respond to and remediate healthcare cybersecurity threats

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