The state of higher education: Challenges and opportunities in 2023

Perspectives in higher education

In an increasingly competitive and complex environment, management and trustees of higher education institutions are facing a growing number of issues that require attention. As colleges and universities emerge from their intense focus on the COVID-19 pandemic, new challenges are taking its place. These challenges include grappling with the state of the economy and the related fiscal impact on the institution, focusing on admissions policies and procedures in response to declining college enrollment, and devising appropriate strategies around the safety and security of the campus community.

In this edition of Perspectives in Higher Education, we highlight these pressing challenges, as well as related opportunities for institutions. Other key areas include environmental, social and governance considerations, the state of university compliance programs, and ways to strengthen the path between higher education and postgraduate careers. We also provide our annual update on activities in Washington and how they are affecting higher education. Finally, we offer commentary on how institutions can enhance the educational experience of international students.

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