DoubleJump Interchange™ Platform

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Enabling collaboration. Powering healthier lives.

The Interchange is a cloud-based ecosystem collaboration platform that securely integrates data from clinical and real-world sources to facilitate cooperation among researchers and care providers to improve consumer health


Fit-for-purpose data model

The Interchange Data Model improves the fitness of internal and real-world data to power analytics capabilities and generate insights. As data flows into the Interchange Data Model, they are enriched by configurable algorithms and data quality techniques and transformed into meaningful, unified, longitudinal clinical and molecular data.

APIs, agents and extensibility

The Interchange is designed as an extensible framework to build agents that ingest, standardize, enrich and transform data. The Interchange platform and solution components are customizable and built on a service-oriented architecture. Our market rules support role-based and attribute-based authentication to ensure data is accessed only by authorized users. The platform’s cloud-based infrastructure allows clients to scale to best suit their business needs.

Insights and outcomes

Users can craft and interact with data through a variety of integrated applications, dashboards and visualization tools. The Interchange visualization layer enables users to build their own analyses and present data meaningfully and as it fits their purpose. Leading capabilities like NLP, deep analytics, machine learning and AI can be applied to data and tailored to clinical and research needs.

Privacy and security

Privacy and security capabilities are built into the platform’s architecture. Defense-in-depth security is managed across Interchange layers—including access, incident and change management, ongoing security and operational monitoring. Our HITRUST driven control framework harnesses leading security technologies and cybersecurity methodologies to audit and monitor platform activity, data confidentiality, integrity and availability to provide a secure workspace for end users.

Interchange Managed Services

Our team of experienced technology architects, data operators and service management specialists work hand-in-hand with clients to design their operating model, integrate the platform and enterprise operations, manage its processes and functionality and proactively monitor and resolve issues to optimize performance.

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