Transforming Ukraine’s healthcare infrastructure for a sustainable future

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Tune in to hear Barrett Baker of Project Horizon from the Sunflower Network, and Dan Solchanyk from Razom, discuss how to strengthen Ukraine’s healthcare infrastructure both for the near and the long term. Topics include:

  • Sunflower Network’s mission is to deliver aid and infrastructure to communities in crisis. Project Horizon furthers this mission by building a hospital in Ukraine, empowering local healthcare workers with the infrastructure needed to deliver high quality care to their patients, and setting the stage for a larger rebuild of Ukraine’s healthcare system
  • Razom Health: Providing critical supplies, equipment, training and preparing for long-term sustainability
  • Challenges and strategies to find the right balance between speed, providing high quality enduring solutions, and mitigating risks
  • Examples of how determination and perseverance of the Ukraine communities are pioneering innovative healthcare solutions

Topics: Ukraine, healthcare infrastructure, health care, sustainability, hospitals, partners, patients, supply chain, private sector organizations, public sector entities, innovation, strategies, human capital, data

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