Digital and cloud transformation for banking

60% of business executives in our Pulse survey stated that digital transformation is their most critical growth driver in 2022.

PwC Pulse Executive Views on Business, 2022

Simplify your way to growth through digital and cloud transformation

Today’s banking customers are hungry for digital banking products and services tailored to their individual needs. While traditional banks can be too product-centric and struggle to respond quickly to new opportunities and higher expectations, new banking models may be vulnerable when it comes to the safeguards that customers and regulators demand.

How can banks:

  • Launch new products and services faster
  • Simplify their business for customers and themselves, while they
  • Instill rigor that builds trust with stakeholders?

They can do so now by delivering cloud-enabled digital banking experiences that can help fuel innovation, drive revenue growth and increase market share.

Rethink your bank for the digital age

By removing product-centric views and putting the customer at the heart of your design, you can exceed customer expectations and build trust:

  • Leverage relationship management systems for deep insight
  • Identify personas and create journeys for personalization
  • Develop customer segments through primary research

Our customer-centric “Blueprinting” methodology can help. PwC’s transformation approach puts the customer at the center to guide design of the business and technology architecture.

Doing things for the sake of how they’ve always been done won’t just hold you back - it will make you irrelevant. Instead:

  • Find your opportunities — dissect the market, competition and branch footprint
  • Focus — define a clear mission and drive towards it
  • Flex — take a disciplined but agile approach as your strategy evolves
  • Foster — shepherd this vision consistent with regulatory guidelines and real-time risk management

Draw from our experience working across large financial institutions, FinTech companies, small business banking, corporate and investment banking, consumer finance, crypto, financial markets, and key regulatory agencies.

With a defined customer-centric mission, your entire operating model should follow suit. To enable services that will set you apart from your competitors both externally and internally, drive change across all functions:

  • Develop customer-centered propositions and business models
  • Iterate with prototypes and usability testing
  • Look internally - revisit your employee experiences

Our community of solvers work together across all areas of business - operations, workforce, risk management, compliance - to enable a comprehensive transformation.

For many banks, simplifying customer experiences and business operations is limited by decades-old technical platforms and inflexible architecture. These are costly to maintain and limit innovation.

Modernized technology reduces costs and time-to-market, allowing quicker evolution of the organization and nimble development of new services. You can accelerate your transformation by taking clear steps to:

  • Establish a modern, flexible core platform to enhance efficiency in operations
  • Enable customizable services through robust data architecture and analytics
  • Prioritize a flexible, modular architecture to provide individualized experiences and products

We work with multiple top Gen 2 and Gen 3 platforms to understand what the market has to offer and drive faster implementation. Whatever your speed, we can guide you through it.





Move faster with Industry Cloud for Banking

Take advantage of our Industry Cloud for Banking solution for the competitive advantage that comes from focus and speed.

What it is

Our Industry Cloud for banking and capital markets is a collection of pre-built integrations and assets that together with PwC’s consulting services, bring together the dozens of functionalities that make a bank what is is. It can help organizations stand up new customer-centric offerings that differentiate them from the competition.


PwC’s consulting services coupled with our asset-based, end-to end, modular approach enables us to flexibly build industry-centric solutions using the right assets at the right time, every time.


Connecting our industry specific knowledge with our repository of proprietary products, accelerators and digital assets enables us to help deliver agile, modular and sustainable solutions at scale. 


Pairing a single cross-industry platform with our network of alliances with the major ERPs, CSPs, and SaaS providers, we’re able to easily connect, govern and maintain integration to help banks solve their most complex business and technology challenges.

How PwC can help

PwC has a proven record of delivering bespoke transformation for banks and in standing up new customer experiences. So, no matter where you are in your digital journey, let us help you understand, diagnose, baseline and strategize your transformation.

The below are common areas we can help you drive a broader transformation or a targeted change:

  • Customer acquisition and retention
  • Account opening
  • Omni-channel customer servicing
  • Payments transformation
  • Core modernization
  • Cloud migration
  • Risk management and regulatory compliance
  • Agile ways of working


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