Brigham McNaughton

Brigham McNaughton

Partner, ESG, PwC US

Brigham joined PwC in 2007 and focuses on helping clients understand their most significant sustainability impacts, develop strategies to address those impacts, execute those strategies and ultimately communicate progress to investors and other stakeholders. He has served global clients in a range of industries including automotive, consumer goods, chemical, retail, financial services and pharmaceutical industries.

Brigham’s recent project experience includes:

  • Fortune 75 pharmaceutical company –Transforming the company’s annual reporting to compete with global peers and respond to increased investor pressure. The effort engaged cross-functional teams from across the organization and directly with the Board to align on a strategic narrative, define supporting KPIs, establish an annual reporting process and design an information management solution to support implementation.
  • Fortune 50 consumer products company – Refreshed the overall enterprise sustainability strategy, including executive leadership team and Board engagement. The solution also included designing a new central sustainability function and helping the company improve the robustness of its information governance and reporting practices.
  • Fortune 10 retailer – Created a new overall scorecard to manage and report performance against its refreshed enterprise sustainability goals at the request of the CEO. The recommended solution integrated strategy, metric design, information management and accounting aspects to enable an aggressive implementation timetable while meeting increasing legal and stakeholder expectations.
  • Large global chemical company – Identified new business model and solution opportunities by working jointly with the client’s sustainability, corporate strategy and packaging business unit to conduct an innovation tournament. The approach included value-chain assessments, end-market research, customer interviews, an innovation tournament and detailed business case development.
  • Fortune 50 commercial bank – Developed a Carbon Asset Risk model to help the company evaluate its credit exposure to climate change in its Electric Utility portfolio. The project included establishing a conceptual risk framework, developing a functional model, conducting field testing and training a range of portfolio managers and analysts to support its implementation.
  • Large global automotive company – Conducted a materiality assessment to identify and prioritize the company’s most significant environmental and social risks in order to support overall strategy development. The assessment process included interviewing the senior executive leadership team, synthesizing external stakeholder concerns and building alignment around the results.
  • Fortune 500 automotive company - Developed a sustainability strategy for an OEM designed to appeal to its core US customer-base without diluting a performance-centric brand. The effort included establishing an integrated environmental baseline using leading life-cycle assessment and economic modeling techniques, insights from customer brand studies and engaging directly with several key suppliers.  The recommended strategy was adopted by the full executive team and Board.

Brigham is a Certified Public Accountant and also coordinates PwC’s engagement with the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board. He was a subject matter specialist for the Carbon Disclosure Project assisting with the preparation of the S&P 500 reports and a named contributor to the WRI / WBCSD Corporate Value Chain and Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standards.

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