Data-driven white paper

The world is changing around us—and fast. Every business is feeling the unprecedented impact of rapid demographic changes, economic shifts, increasing resource scarcity, urbanization, and technology breakthroughs. To keep up, leaders are urgently searching for the people who can help their organizations adapt to what is now the new reality.

So how can we best prepare students for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead—and ready them for careers in professional services? At PwC, we believe data analytics and related skills should be integrated into accounting coursework. Along with an analytical mindset and technical skills, we project a growing demand for students who also have a foundation of leadership ability, business acumen, global acumen, and relationship skills. In this paper, we outline examples of how our work is evolving and make suggestions for updates to curriculum to help students be prepared.

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Julie Peters

Julie Peters

University Relations leader, PwC US

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