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Upskilling our business, clients, and communities

New world. New skills., our $3 billion global investment in tools, technologies, and individuals to disrupt our business and continue delivering value to our clients and communities, was announced on October 1, 2019. We’re changing how we work, so we can help our clients change how they work. We provide our 276,000 people with the critical skills to help them develop now and in the future as infinite learners.

PwC is proud to be at the forefront of digital upskilling, weaving it into the very fabric of our firm, and considering how our collective actions have an impact on our people, clients, and communities.


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What does Digital mean for our people?

We’re driving a digital mindset

We’re bringing a digital eye to every aspect of our business, while keeping humanity at the center of everything we do. This culture shift is fueled by self-directed learning, greater firmwide connectivity and continuous improvement in the way we work. We know that the fastest path to a successful future begins with the ability to tap into our people and their commitment to embracing a digital mindset. 

As we continue our digital upskilling journey, we use our skills to develop and adopt tools that enable our digital mindset. These powerful, time-saving tools—such as bots, data workflows, and our Astro virtual assistant—take hours out of repeatable tasks, freeing us to further enhance quality, deliver greater value, and provide an even better experience for our clients.

We’re raising our digital acumen

We offer a unique approach to personalizing learning at scale, providing everyone access to a tailored program, and supplementing multi-day classes with short learning bursts. We’re providing learning channels like live, twice-weekly trivia games, podcasts, and real-life simulations, as well as more immersive offerings, including our Digital Academies. We’ve built a Digital Fitness app that provides our people with personalized assessments of their digital acumen and a Digital Lab—a citizen-led community for our people to contribute and consume technology solutions and digital assets to support engagements. And we’re celebrating infinite learning through our Digital Badge Program.

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What does Digital mean for our clients?

Throughout our upskilling journey, we use our digital skills to develop and adopt tools that enable our digital mindset. These powerful, time-saving tools—such as bots, data workflows and artificial intelligence (AI) models—take hours out of repeatable tasks, freeing us to further enhance quality and deliver even greater value to clients. When you harness the power of community, there is unbounded potential to grow and better service our clients. Our people are encouraged to innovate and submit ideas for the creation of digital tools to help solve business challenges.

Ask us about upskilling your company

Our Assurance clients are asking about our journey, and we make it clear that this is one we’re taking together. Advancements in computing, wide accessibility to digital data, and availability of distributed technology skills enable our people to provide enhanced quality in our audits as well as how technology can increase efficiencies in how we conduct the audit. We call that Tomorrow's Audit, Today. But it doesn’t stop there. We’re anticipating the impact of emerging technologies such as AI on the finance function, with an eye toward providing assurance through financial reporting.

Our Tax practice continues to make major investments in artificial intelligence, bots and other emerging tech. These technologies have tremendous impact, allowing our people to deliver higher-value client service by freeing them from routine, repetitive tasks.  PwC Tax professionals have always done more than prepare tax returns and help with regulatory events, but now we have the digital tools and insights to deliver highly valuable analytics associated with our industry knowledge to help our clients make sophisticated decisions. 


When people power technology, we break barriers and unleash true transformation. Bringing together teams with varied skills and experiences across Advisory, we’re able to deliver on client issues of all shapes and sizes—a differentiator that is unmatched by the competition. We’re empowering our teams with technologies and automation so we can continue to push the envelope with innovative services and solutions. 

What does Digital mean for our communities?

Our purpose—to build trust in society and solve important problems—drives our collective effort, our impact as a firm, and our broader contribution to society. One of the most pressing crises facing our economy—and our society—is the growing gap between those who have access to opportunity, and those who do not. We’re using our digital acumen and business tools to digital upskill students and preparing them for a tech-enabled workforce.

Using technology to create digital inclusion

We are extending our commitment to digital upskilling to communities across the country through Access Your Potential, our $320 million commitment to create inspiring experiences for students who may not otherwise have access to opportunities that ignite their passion for technology. We are taking our tools, technologies and resources into the community to drive digital inclusion: helping to break down barriers to tech and digital skills education that students, teachers and nonprofits need to be successful in the future. 

Engaging our people in diversity and inclusion

We believe an inclusive environment makes us all feel welcomed and valued for the contributions we make. And that requires everyone’s commitment. We’re providing our people with training and tools to help increase their awareness and understanding of differences and why they matter, so their actions can contribute to our inclusive and high-performing workplace culture. We’re continuing to invest in addressing unconscious bias through our Blindspots Training and extending that to the broader public through the creation of Outsmarting Human Minds, a project by Harvard University. We have also created a fully technology-driven mobile tour, Check Your Blind Spots, as part of our leadership in CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion™, an initiative that brings together our people, our clients, our communities—to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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