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PwC Mental Health in the workplace

It’s OK to not be OK, and it’s OK — and important — to talk about it.

What can employers do to support mental health?

How can businesses better support their employees and wellness goals today, as well as the future? At PwC, we enable safe spaces for people to talk about what they’re going through, ask for the help they need, and have resources to support them when they need it. We offer our people a variety of learning opportunities to help them put their well-being first and have caring conversations with others.

Watch and learn

“Green light to talk” is our series of learning simulations, designed to help you better understand and navigate through mental health-related workplace issues, such as burnout, depression and anxiety. The series can help you:

  • Understand and better manage your own mental health in the workplace

  • Have caring conversations

  • Get support

Green light to talk video series

Learn about some of the most common mental health-related workplace issues. And, how to identify the possible signals and have caring conversations.

Discover the challenges that may be associated with balancing caregiving and working. Learn how to approach and navigate conversations.

Understand the possible challenges associated with workplace anxiety and some of the possible signals to be aware of so you can have a caring conversation.

Learn what excessive use of technology and social media addiction may look like. And, get tips for how we can help others reduce their screen time.

Understand what burnout is, its potential impact to productivity and methods to help manage it with preventive steps you can take for re-energizing yourself and others.

Find out how to recognize signs that may suggest depression in yourself and others, and how active listening is vital when managing through such interactions.

"A colleague, a friend can always use a caring check-in—you never know what someone might be struggling with behind a smile."

DeAnne AussemPwC’s Leadership Development and Well-being Leader

Let's talk mental health

How are you… really?

Use this guide when checking in with others — have a caring conversation today.

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Mental Health First Aid insight

Hear from DeAnne Aussem, PwC’s Leadership Development and Well-being Leader (and Mental Health First Aider), on how to support someone who appears to be struggling.

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Three ways to support each other

This blog shares tips for getting help and helping others —  make the difference when someone needs it most.

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“No matter who you are, the world is a challenging place right now. Organizations can use this opportunity to create a mentally healthy workplace and give their people the support that they deserve.”

Bob MoritzPwC’s Global Chairman

Investing in our people’s mental well-being

We know our people thrive when their daily experience matches their purpose, what they value and what makes them happy — meaningful relationships, a balanced workload, support for flexibility, and a sense of purpose and belonging. 

We’re reimagining a future where well-being is front and center. Our people choose where, when and how much they work–so they have the power to build their own, personalized careers – tailor-made to support their development, well-being, sense of purpose and ambitions.  Learn more about what it’s like working at PwC

Be Well, Work Well

This is PwC’s investment in well-being, helping our people feel empowered and supported to prioritize healthy habits and put their well-being first.

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DeAnne Aussem

DeAnne Aussem

Leadership Development & Well-being Leader, PwC US

Cecilia Tse

Cecilia Tse

Director, Well-being Strategy Leader, PwC US

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