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PwC New Ventures is an internal software as a service (SaaS) incubator. In collaboration with the world’s leading technologies and companies, the New Ventures team builds forward-thinking software solutions that integrate into existing systems to unlock business value in real time.


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About New Ventures

Each New Ventures designer, engineer, strategist and data scientist creates and supports our products through countless hours of idea vetting, technology validation and ongoing optimization. Only the solutions that answer today’s business needs are built, licensed and scaled.

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New Ventures has an active portfolio, including cyber, finance, risk and regulatory and workforce solutions for medium and large enterprise companies.

Terrain Insights

Terrain Insights is a digital risk management platform that provides a central validated data repository where stakeholders across enterprise risk, security, IT and beyond can quickly see the current state of their IT environment. It captures and inventories the elements that power business services--applications, middleware, infrastructure, people, vendors, and locations--along with the connections and dependencies between them.

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Boarding Pass

Boarding Pass is an employee-first solution that integrates with your existing HR systems and collaboration platform to provide a personalized employee onboarding experience. By utilizing our chatbot, your new hires will receive the guidance and attention they need to enable them to understand their individual, team and business goals, and accelerate their path to productivity.

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TaxVerse takes the headache out of managing US sales tax for fast-growing companies. CFOs and other finance leaders don’t have time to worry about possible unknown tax liabilities. TaxVerse is cloud-based software that proactively tells them where, when, and why they should collect, file, and remit as they expand their businesses—and helps them do so accurately and automatically.

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FranSuite is an easy-to-use, data-driven solution that helps franchises create and monitor digital ad campaigns from an all-in-one platform. Our digital platform connects and harnesses the power of the franchise network to improve brand consistency, simplify digital marketing and ultimately grow their business.

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PwC Law Firm Solution

The PwC Law Firm Solution uses the latest technology to optimize your bookkeeping tasks and deliver data-driven insights that can help you run your firm more effectively. You’ll gain new visibility into your operations and finances, driven by business intelligence that uncovers areas of efficiencies and improvement.

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