Quantifying and communicating the value of Meals on Wheels

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A growing program to meet growing needs

VNA Meals on Wheels program delivers freshly prepared meals to residents of Dallas County, Texas who are unable to provide for themselves because of advanced age, illness, or disability. In addition to meals, the program provides a connection to the outside world for homebound seniors and disabled adults helping them to age with dignity and independence at home.

There’s been a decline in federal funding for similar programs, and budget cuts for Meals on Wheels have been proposed. As a result, VNA has had to rely increasingly on local donors to sustain its budget. So have other non-profits, making fundraising highly competitive, with many organizations vying for contributions from the same pool of donors.

Quantifying the impact of Meals on Wheels

To help quantify and communicate the impact Meals on Wheels and the return on investment for donors, PwC provided pro bono assistance to VNA to conduct the analysis.

The team used analytics to understand VNA’s client population, supplementing the organization’s data with demographic and zip code level data to create a virtual population that mirrors VNA’s clients as closely as possible. The next step was to leverage Bodylogical, PwC’s model that replicates human physiology at the individual level to provide analysis of future health and can be scaled up to reflect populations. PwC’s analysis estimated the value of a VNA meal and estimate ROI of 48% when considering the health conditions analysed.

To help VNA communicate the results of PwC’s analysis—and drive donations—the team developed a framework and page schematics for the organization’s website, highlighting what Meals on Wheels means for the community, including the economic impact.

Helping VNA to expand services in Dallas County

VNA has begun to use the results PwC’s analysis in its fundraising efforts. The ability to demonstrate the value of its Meals on Wheels program will help to make the organization more competitive in its fundraising efforts.

Ultimately, the data and analytics provided by PwC will help VNA provide more services for clients of Dallas County and help them age in their home with dignity.


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