Create a cultural movement with DevOps in your organization

The term “DevOps” receives a lot of attention. But what is DevOps, and how can it help your business?

Development and Operations (DevOps) is a cultural movement geared toward breaking down silos and increasing collaboration between operations, development, and quality assurance teams. It’s a mindset that encourages communication, integration and automation among software developers and IT operations. 

The goal?  Improve speed and quality of delivering software to realize the benefits of your product and services faster. How? By keeping a “continuous” mindset to all aspects of the process.

the "continuous" DevOps culture mindset

By improving your DevOps on AWS, PwC can help your IT organization stay competitive in the market by focusing on accelerated software release cycles (meaning greater speed to market!) and automated, repeatable methods (meaning potentially reduced costs!).

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DevOps with AWS

DevOps with AWS

Where are you today...and where do you want to be tomorrow?

Some organizations were “born Agile,” but most are deeply complex, hierarchical, and siloed in structure. Often, legacy or outdated technology is at play, hindering the potential for speed and innovation. In these instances, the adoption of Agile and DevOps typically demands a transformative mindset while keeping governance, risk, and compliance top of mind. 

PwC and AWS offer organizations strategies and tools to help you transform into the enterprise of

PwC combines the strength of strategy with the benefit of AWS tools to help drive innovation and speed.

Ready to start your DevOps journey?  Here’s how PwC can help…

 ...using AWS tools to support you all along the way.

For example, tools like Amazon QuickSight can help by giving you the power to scale up or down as you need. QuickSight also offers intelligence into your business through machine learning and interactive dashboards. And as your organization takes on the DevOps mindset, AWS CodeDeploy can help to automate software deployments, while AWS CloudFormation can help companies bring their software releases online faster.  

What does that mean to you and your business? The prospect of minimal disruption. The opportunity to go to market faster with your innovations. And the potential for an agile, collaborative mindset across teams that previously functioned as siloed.

DevOps and data and analytics in the spotlight

How Wyndham Hotels & Resorts improved their data capabilities to get to know their guests better

When it came to redesigning their data architecture in order to create more personalized guest experiences, Wyndham turned to PwC. Now, they can better use their AWS tools and have dramatically reduced errors in data handling/processing.  The result - reliable, accurate insights into what matters most to Wyndham....their guests.

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