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The constantly changing economic environment provides a number of challenges and opportunities for foreign-based MNCs with investments in the US as well as those considering US investments. The complexity of US tax law has significant impact on US investments and, importantly, the return on investment. The complexity of the US tax system, coupled with the comparatively high US corporate income tax rate, have led foreign MNCs to look for opportunities to efficiently manage their US businesses while ensuring that their effective tax rate remains competitive.

Companies must focus on cross-border tax planning strategies to help efficiently align their commercial and tax objectives.


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Key provisions of US tax reform for global companies in the USA (with Chris Kong and Bernard Moens)

Aligning commercial and tax strategies to enhance competitiveness

PwC’s International Tax Services Inbound team has experience helping foreign-based MNCs develop cross-border tax planning strategies that meet their business and tax needs while maintaining a competitive effective tax rate. These strategies focus on areas such as cash registration or redeployment funds to required areas in a tax efficient manner, reducing tax costs on investment exit, establishing a tax effective structure when identifying acquisition opportunities and refinancing debt efficiently.

We can work with you to:

  • Develop a globally effective and integrated approach to tax planning
  • Identify and efficiently manage adverse tax outcomes
  • Stay abreast of the latest US legislative, regulatory, and planning developments that impact US inbound groups and better understand emerging tax issues (Inbound Washington Tax Services)
  • Increase tax opportunities

For more details on our International Tax Services Inbound practice, please see our Pathfinder Service offerings below, sign up for our Inbound news-alerts and contact one of our professionals.

Pathfinder Service: Setting up and doing business in the US

PwC's Pathfinder Service is designed to assist overseas companies with some of the key tax issues, registration and other requirements of setting up a new US business operation. Our unique methodology provides a valuable roadmap for entering the US marketplace and our multi-disciplinary team has the extensive inbound experience required to help ensure a smooth, compliant, and timely set-up.

Our US Pathfinder Service offers assistance and/or coordination in several areas, including:

  • The new inbound US tax structure and choice of entity
  • Incorporating a new US subsidiary company
  • Federal income tax implications and registrations
  • State sales tax and payroll tax implications and registrations
  • Setting up a new US payroll
  • Setting up a new US bank account
  • New employee benefits and insurance matters
  • Federal and state business registrations
  • Site location and government grants
  • Relocating employees to work in the US

Post set-up, we may also assist with your annual US tax returns, on-going tax planning and your day to day US tax affairs.

To discuss your US plans, please contact one of our Pathfinder service professionals.

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