PwC's Disclosure Checklist

Looking to enhance the efficiency of your financial reporting? PwC's innovative financial Disclosure Checklist may be just the right solution.

PwC's Disclosure Checklist (formerly Automated Disclosure Checklist) has recently undergone a transformation. Our refreshed tool allows for multiple users in the same checklist, customization, real-time updates and more.

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Why Disclosure Checklist?

The Disclosure Checklist (DC) streamlines checklist preparation and review for financial-statement disclosures and builds in quality assurance processes. Here's how:

About Disclosure Checklist

PwC's reimagined cloud-based Disclosure Checklist tool has transformed financial disclosure checklist preparation. Now available for public and non-public entities, not-for-profit, employee benefit plan and governmental organizations.

Do my financial statements include the latest SEC, US GAAP and other required disclosures?

The DC streamlines checklist preparation and review for financial statement disclosures. For DC subscribers who also license PwC's accounting and financial reporting research tool, Viewpoint, the Disclosure Checklist provides links to the specific standard setter guidance allowing financial reporting professionals to quickly and easily review the authoritative literature.

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Viewpoint’s intuitive search functionality and personalization makes researching insights around accounting standards, financial reporting and regulatory developments quick and easy.

Viewpoint includes authoritative literature as well as PwC’s guidance, insight and tools to support financial reporting. It provides a choice of IFRS, US, US GASB, UK, Canada and Japan content.

Financial statement presentation

Financial statement presentation

Our guide describes in detail the financial statement presentation and disclosure requirements of common balance sheet and income statement accounts.

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