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Application Control and Security Managed Services

Protecting your investment in the applications that run your business

Many companies struggle to anticipate and manage risk within the applications that run their business, including cloud solutions (Saas/PaaS) and the enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Historically, there has been a need for extensive manual work by both control performers as well as reviewers in order to demonstrate compliance with regulatory and/or financial reporting requirements and to satisfy external auditors. Constrained by limited resources and a lack of automation capabilities, companies are forced to operate within costly, inefficient environments.

For technologies including SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, and Workday, PwC’s Application Control and Security Managed Services solution automates the time-intensive, manual activities required to monitor and test your enterprise application control environment. It also efficiently provides the insights that will enable you to proactively improve and optimize these systems to achieve compliance, security and control. By combining PwC’s extensive industry experience, our managed services operating model, and our cloud-based, proprietary intelligent analytics technology known as Enterprise Control, our solution helps reduce time spent on manual monitoring and testing activities, while giving you the information you need to know, when you need to know it.

Application Control and Security Managed Services helps you meet challenges by:

Navigating a complex regulatory & risk environment

Proactively manage risks related to SOX and audit requirements providing increased risk insight.

Managing an extensive people function

Leverage PwC’s combined experience of risk and controls and technology expertise to help meet your resource needs.

Keeping current with advancements in technology

PwC’s leading ERP capabilities, practice content and dedicated enterprise system specialists provide the expert ERP skills to get it right.

Ongoing cost pressures

Through the automation of routine monitoring and analytics, we help drive efficiencies that can accelerate productivity and lower costs.

Increase agility, at scale

Access to a variable workforce and flexible technology, supporting your dynamic business needs when and where you want it.

Why Application Control and Security Managed Services?

Reduction in manual activities leading to lower monitoring costs

Increased confidence in the quality of your enterprise application control environment

Standardized business process and centralized system to help manage the technology, content, analytic output delivery, and all the complexities along the way

Increased insight with workflow and reporting capabilities that allow you to focus on reporting exceptions and priority control insights based on the full population of data

Automated extraction and transfer of configuration, transactional, security and master data

Our technology

PwC Enterprise Control - The intelligent analytics platform for clear visibility into your risk and control processes.

PwC’s proprietary technology uses powerful automation and analytics to identify risk, errors, issues, and opportunities across multiple platforms. It helps identify the blind spots and shed light on the risks within your enterprise system so you can quickly take action early in the process and it eliminates the need for manual monitoring and testing of controls (configurations, security, transactional) with increased precision and reduced costs.

Improve executive visibility to risks and errors in your processes and systems
Identify specific areas of improvement within business cycles and take the actions that impact your bottom line.

Quantify risk with insights driven by data
Shift from “what could happen” to “what is happening” through transactional event quantification that keeps you ahead of threats.

Reduce your cost of compliance
Full automation of compliance related activities that reduce the manual burden and reveal costly errors and inefficiencies.

Digitally enabled monitoring from anywhere
Automates the manual processes to monitor and report on controls/security with workflow enabled issue management and is accessible remotely for a full virtual solution.

Our offerings

Configuration Monitoring and Testing

  • Continuously monitor configuration supporting automated configurable controls within your enterprise application systems.
  • Monitor and maintain the integrity of application design, automated internal controls and compliance.
  • Automatically generate testing outputs on a periodic (e.g., quarterly) basis to reduce time spent by management and audit.

Application Security Monitoring and Reporting

  • Monitor key areas of security, such as design integrity, access rights, sensitive and privileged access, segregation of duties along with regulatory requirements for areas like privacy.
  • Automatically generate reporting and dashboard to maintain access rights across business, IT and system users.

Segregation of Duties (SoD) and Privileged Access Control Monitoring

  • Monitor and mitigate SoD access risks within the environment by monitoring transactions for high risk or fraudulent activities.
  • Generate reporting and dashboarding for privileged and sensitive access that needs to be monitored.
  • Address your risk for any necessary SoD access violations within the environment

IT General Control (ITGC) Monitoring and Testing

  • Strengthen and automate your ITGC environment by leveraging our leading practice ERP-specific content for Access to Programs and Data, Program Change, and Computer Operations controls.
  • Automatically generate testing outputs on a periodic (e.g., quarterly) basis to reduce time spent by management and audit.

Transaction Analytics

  • Be alerted to high risk transactions based on defined risk parameters in a timely manner.
  • Manage these identified exceptions to resolution.
  • Simplify complex manual control routines through pre-defined analytic solutions such as Manual Journal Entries in SAP to address risks more efficiently.

SOX Monitoring, Testing & Reporting

  • Monitor automated business process application controls and security controls that are relied upon for SOX regulations.
  • Automatically generate testing outputs on a periodic (e.g., quarterly) basis to reduce time spent by management and audit.


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