Climate risk modeling services

A window into the future of environmental impacts to your business.

What is climate risk modeling and why should you care?

As society responds to today’s changing climate, more companies are being asked to show how they assess, adapt to and mitigate climate-related risks.

Climate risk modeling is the use of data, predictive analytics and various modeling tools to help companies measure and analyze their impact on the environment. These models can help protect tangible and intangible assets, as well as foster transparency to investors, financial regulators and other stakeholders.

With the right combination of people and technology, we help you with climate modeling tools, technologies and climate change projection data to provide a view of likely threats that could have material impact on your business. From balance sheet assets to logistical operations and supply chains, our insights can help you assess potential impacts, make decisions and move to action.

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Climate risk is business risk: Prepare for the realities of climate change and thrive in a more resilient tomorrow with Geospatial Climate Intelligence.

Assess the material impact of threats to business with an efficient and effective approach

Physical risks

Physical risks to operations, infrastructure or to the supply chain. These include acute physical risks like extreme weather events, floods, storms and wildfires. Chronic physical risks are those that emerge over a longer period of time including higher mean temperatures or rising sea levels. These can affect agricultural production, labor, and/or the transmission of diseases.

Transition risks

Transition risks are risks inherent in the large-scale transformation required to shift to a low-carbon economy. Climate-related transition risks can include policy and legal risks, technology risks, market and economic risks, and brand/reputation risks.

GhG emissions

As a growing coalition of governments and businesses are pledging to reach net zero emissions, many companies are working to understand their company’s impact on the environment. Determining the optimal path to achieving emission reduction targets while successfully managing your business can be challenging.

The Mosaic Company: Preparing for tomorrow’s climate, today

Learn how Mosaic and PwC worked together, powered by tech, to assess the chemical company’s biggest physical and transition risks and prepare for impacts.

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Meet the team

Our climate scientists, geospatial engineers, actuaries, and risk management and financial professionals work together with companies to address the risks and opportunities of climate change. We harness the power of environmental, geographic, societal and business-data to help you measure and mitigate the financial implications of various risks—while driving growth.

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