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Divestitures require meticulous strategic planning to translate strategy into execution in order to maximize shareholders’ return and the overall value of your remaining business portfolio. With decades of experience, PwC’s divestitures specialists apply their strategic know-how, deal IQ, and industry and functional expertise leveraging advanced analytics insights to evaluate your options from all angles and measure the impact of streamlining your business. Our data-driven approach provides you with faster access to deeper insights and greater ability to uncover hidden value levers, and the precision you need–even in uncharted territory–to move towards a stronger position.

Whether you want to spin-off or sell a piece of your business, PwC’s Divestitures team will prepare you for each step of the way–from Strategy and portfolio evaluation through post-separation transition and optimization.


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Michael Niland

US Divestitures Services Leader, PwC US

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