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Workforce Inside: Transformational change in a post-pandemic world

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May 21, 2021

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From new initiatives around purpose and upskilling to investments in technology and new ways of working, today's businesses are considering how the world has changed and what employers can do to help their employees thrive. In today's episode, we discuss how firms are thinking through transformational change and leadership in a post-pandemic world.


  • 01:56 - How transformational agendas have evolved, what are priorities right now, and how companies are driving these agendas.  
  • 04:40 - Bhushan and Antonia address how companies are still struggling to drive change within their organization. 
  • 07:44 - Antonia discusses what she has assessed in companies trying to establish those capabilities, what they are doing well, and what they still need to do as an institution.
  • 08:41 - The pandemic has accelerated a lot of change within organizations. Bhushan and Antonia discuss what is the employee value proposition within an organization as we enter this post pandemic world and what that might look like for the next couple of years.  
  • 11:10 - In a post-pandemic, hybrid world, inclusive leadership has a big role. Antonia discusses how companies can drive transformational change in today's environment from a leadership perspective.
  • 17:04 - Antonia shares actions and next steps for leaders today who are embarking on or driving a transformational change agenda. 
  • 19:26 - Wrap-up

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Bhushan Sethi

People & Organization Joint Global Leader, PwC US

Antonia M Cusumano

US Technology Industry People & Organization Leader, PwC US

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