The power of Workday enterprise cloud solutions

Workday cloud-based solutions enable companies to operate with the flexibility and speed they need. However, as with any transformational change, new technology requires a new eye on risks that can be introduced, and security and controls do not come “out of the box.”

Whether you use Workday for human resources and payroll, or as an enterprise resource planning system to cover for your inventory, procurement general ledger and revenue cycle needs, your system needs to be compliant and secure.

Health information and personally identifiable information must be protected first and foremost, but even less obviously sensitive data such as vendor or supplier data should have policies to control who has access.

If your company is using Workday, you need to ask yourself two questions: How do we build trust into the Workday solution in the implementation phase? And then, how do we operationalize and support these controls in an ongoing way?

Optimizing standard and configurable controls in Workday provides much of the answer, with reports and automation fostering ongoing sustainability and security. 

How to implement a flexible and scalable cloud Workday solution, and how to maintain it over time

Whether your company is just considering a Workday implementation or is already operational and looking for continuous improvement, an evaluation of internal controls will enable your management team promote an effective, efficient, compliant and controlled execution of business processes

Configurable controls

Workday offers advanced features that can foster effective controls when configured correctly. Everything from your security controls to audit trails and business process steps can be customized to your needs. Identify your requirements, design the controls and then realize the benefits of a secure Workday solution. Use PwC’s perspectives and experience as certified Workday professionals to get the full benefit. PwC has one of the only dedicated teams that focuses on Workday controls, compliance and security challenges. We drive efficiency, as we can create as much as a 50% use of configurable controls, allowing for more precision and less manual effort.

Reporting and analytics

The second layer of successful Workday implementation is putting the appropriate reports in place to manage and monitor the controls environment. If your configurable controls are in place, there will be less to monitor and test. Reports will enable secure and scalable management of any security threats over time, including through any future mergers or acquisitions.


Once the configurable controls and reports are in place, PwC can drive efficiency through automation of the testing and monitoring phase, with specialist tools and accelerators at the ready to help. Implementing continuous monitoring means a more secure and sustainable system for your business. Efficiency, scalability and flexibility are all within reach.

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