People, technology and expertise to resolve complex litigation matters

Organizations are facing an ever-increasing and complex litigation environment

Our experienced team of professionals will help you prepare for and respond to investigations and litigation situations that arise. PwC can bring the subject matter expertise and analysis capabilities to help address a variety of issues — no matter the subject area.

  • People: With offices in 157 countries and more than 276,000 people, PwC is among the leading professional services networks in the world. The scale of our global operation makes it possible for us to find the right experts, no matter the uniqueness of the situation, to complement our team and support your needs.
  • Experience: Our consulting experts bring deep litigation experience along with deep industry and domain expertise to aid your company through difficult legal situations.
  • Technology: Using our eDiscovery tools, proprietary analysis and project management products such as Risk Command and experience utilizing new cloud-based analysis platforms, we can automate tedious data gathering and analysis processes to support your counsel.

How PwC can help

PwC offers a wide range of investigation and forensics litigation support. We discover the facts of the situation to assist your counsel in getting to the issues at hand. We can enable you in being responsive to subpoenas, support your experts and provide other behind-the-scenes consulting support.

Representative litigation support examples:

  • Regulatory enforcement
    Supporting your internal and external counsel in being responsive to regulatory enforcement actions (civil or criminal) from various government agencies, such as the DOJ, SEC, FINRA and OFAC.
  • Multidistrict litigation
    Assisting your legal team in managing class action lawsuits or product liability claims. For example, we can perform hypothesis testing to assist in understanding the allegation, collect and perform analytics on relevant data, calculate settlement analyses, etc.
  • Deal disputes
    Supporting you, as the buyer or seller, with your M&A approach and any post-deal disputes, such as working capital disputes, purchase price disagreements, asset valuation, antitrust claims or breach of obligation.
  • Lost profits or damage analysis
    Helping you quantify claims, for example as a result of business disruptions, enabling you to quickly and efficiently resolve the situation.
  • Litigation support
    Helping to support various litigation matters where you may need subject matter expertise in the form of expert consultants, expert witness and discovery efforts.

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Ryan Murphy

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Chris Rohn

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